Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Secret Reason Brave New World Feels Right

It's rather cliche now to say we live in Huxley's Brave New World. People on the right and left both say it, along with non-aligned who want to be above the ideological fray. The same things are cited:

1. Feelies - IMAX, 60 inch HDTV, surround sound
2. No more books due to no demand for books - Decline in reading
3. Soma - Widespread legal antidepressant use
4. Sex playgrounds for kids, monogamy mocked, hypersexualization of society - Same
5. People who never seem to age but die at 60 - Anti-aging treatments + plastic surgery
6. Abortion on demand, birth control provided for - Same
7. Atomized existence with no social connections - Meaningless social connections, atomized existence
8. Focus on consumerism to keep economy humming - Same
9. Traditional religion replaced by drug induced spirit sharing - Close to a contemporary nondenominational Megachurch service if they added E
10. World State managing everything + punishing behavioral nonconformists - Cathedral

There is something else, but no one ever mentions it. It's right there in the book. It's right here around us. The castes of Brave New World seem a bit real now. Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta and Epsilon all mark the castes that do specific jobs, serve specific purposes and live in the rigid hierarchy that is BNW. The liberal editors at Wikipedia say that Huxley used conditioning and nurture more with caste crafting, but anyone who reads the book knows that there are many treatments, chemicals and other physical agents that go into crafting the caste members. Huxley knew nature and nurture would shape souls. Alpha/Beta fetuses are single humans while the others get multiplied to fill the world for their lower status functions Alpha/Beta children have complete, total development while the others do not. Alpha/Beta members are of a higher cognitive functioning level, but the others are not. Alphas/Betas are like those only children or small family units with massive financial, emotional investment and care. The others are similar to that family with one mom, four sperm donors, and eight kids. All from the same maternal genetic stock but practically interchangeable, so who cares? Using more polite phrasing, think of the k-selection crowd of our modern world vs. the r-selection crowd.

The special thing that ties this hierarchy together is the conditioning to love their role. They are brainwashed into thinking the world is just so, and that their position in it is great. Higher castes are thankful they are not lower but are tricked into thinking it is good that they handle the world affairs for the dum-dums. Lower caste humans are thankful they do not have the stressful, tough thinking jobs of the higher castes. This sounds like the self esteem coaching of modern America. The educational hurdle in America and assortative mating leading to the Belmont-Fishtown split that Charles Murray had written about and pundits are coming to grips with publicly have exacerbated this class stratification. So has immigration.

Admit it. When you think of how visually different the castes are in BNW, look at the average SWPL '80s party vs. a black party vs. a Mestizo Hispanic party vs. NASCAR Sunday gathering and how stark the splits are in just about every cultural marker way. The society of BNW has become real. Wedding receptions show how self-segregated groups are as well as the wealth and cultural differences that very rarely overlap. You start predicting the jobs of groups, the educational attainment, average Body Mass Index, illegitimacy rate and on and on until the caste mold is set. I know there are bell curves for groups, but the average for one group will be different than another. You can envision your landscaping crew down to physical and even social traits. If the gap cannot be closed through education, might as well pump their entire childhood with self esteem boosting messages to make them feel great about who they are and their tribe's identity. That is what they do in BNW, and that is what we do in American schools and toy marketing.

The Brave New World is here graphics will get reblogged on Tumblr, but like in BNW, the dissidents are few. Even the dissidents seeing BNW around us cannot bring themselves to mention the ethnic component to the caste hierarchy. The soft tyranny of a system providing you with never-ending amusements, food that releases brain chemicals like sex and sex wherever and whenever live or onscreen is effective when the mass of humanity is made up of Gammas, Deltas and Epsilons. Just like the world state that using biological and psychological means to mold the castes of Brave New World, our elites have used immigration, governance and public policy that encourages dysgenic breeding and socializes consequences and financial alchemy to stratify and craft a new American society. It is not a dystopian, speculative future anymore but the here and now.


Anonymous said...

Excellent commentary!

asdf said...

What's sad is that Huxley was pretty retarded about most other things and ended up sacrificing his intellect to LSD experimentation.

Son of Brock Landers said...

Your post on Huxley was great.... and you're right I am being soft on Big Pharma. I think the advertising they are allowed to do is excessive. The manipulation with mental meds and the expansion of their use has a nation of drugged women and children. I do not think they are the Machiavellian devils they are made out to be because the insurance firms could have handled what they paid for differently from the get go.