Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Note on the Feminist Stimulus Takeover

Looking into the way the ladies of the Obama administration took over the stimulus crafting, it might be unfair to lay the stimulus social services, education, loans and single mother tax credits at the feet of those women. The stimulus was a creation of Reid-Pelosi's crews who drafted it, and they are beholden to their interests. Infrastructure projects to rebuild and upgrade America had been discussed since the Minnesota bridge collapse in 2007. The society of civil engineers reported on the need for expenditures to fix our crumbling nation. There was really a trillion dollars worth of projects if they wanted to take the time to craft and nail an infrastructure heavy stimulus. Just 18 months later, the stimulus would have been a perfect time to marry a supposed need "stimulus" to a concrete problem "crumbling infrastructure" to a current economic issue "mass unemployment". An engaging leader may have figured out how to sell that to the American public. The media was already selling the Obama economic admin as an echo of the FDR Public Works-New Deal-Bank Reform suite. It would not have been hard to sell because everyone expected it, the Democrats had the votes and many wanted it.

A construction heavy stimulus could not happen because the construction industry donates more money to the GOP by a 2-1 margin. Obama even lamented the lack of manly man projects and initiatives in the stimulus. He could have forced changes, but President Passive did not. Blaming it on his passive nature and feminists might be the easy excuse when in reality, it comes down to the economic interest coalition that put him into power.

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patrick said...

I remember Robert Reich made a comment expressing concern that too many "white male construction workers" would benefit from the stimulus.