Friday, November 08, 2013

Local Cathedral Messaging - Crime Edition

A horrific home invasion that involved 3-5 men raping two women, shooting one and trips to the ATM has shaken the entire city. People are crowding safety meetings on the northside. The northside is where the wealthier whites lived, not the rednecky whites, which means the northside has slowly become worse as well, you know, 'drift' has happened. Lawrence Township Schools are lost, never coming back, and Washington Townships Schools are slowly sinking. In the last 20 years, just north of the Washington and Lawrence townships former one light towns like Fishers and Noblesville have exploded in size and have 'great schools'. Out of cornfields rise great schools and thriving suburbs.

The 3-5 criminals are young black men with prior armed robbery and assault arrests. The victims are a white family that lives in a nice section of Washington Township. The media slow played the crime as it started as an armed home robbery and slowly leaked to a multiple gang rape and shooting. The locals are very angry with the criminals, even black ladies are shaking their heads and saying it is awful, but the locals are also disgusted by the media's handling of the crime and crimes in general. I even heard a "Spent so much time on Trayvon..." start a sentence from a middle aged white lady. The commoners are restless.

Here is what the local news led with tonight in the A spot of the telecast. "Police catch man who allegedly attacked, robbed 94 year old woman". It was a purse snatching that caused the old lady to have a dislocated shoulder. Sad that it happened in broad daylight. I know the Marsh supermarket where it happened. Safe spot. Why was this of all stories in the A spot? Check the link. Perp is a fat, white kid. Victim is an old black lady. If I didn't know any better, I'd think the media was deliberately putting a purse snatching with this victim-perp combination at the front of the news cast to send the audience signals. The unwashed masses are up in arms and noticing the rise in criminality in certain spots of the city. Better slap some imagery up onscreen to push the Narrative.

Nahhhhh. No messaging folks. None at all. Just reporting the critical news that everyone wants to know.

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