Sunday, November 17, 2013

Literotica's Top Categories

Literotica is a website dedicated to 1990s web design and erotic literature by Internet amateurs. It is pornography but for those who want to pretend they are not stupid Internet porn consumers. The website is ranked 956 for US websites per Alexa. Is there anything to glean from the work on display? A site this heavily trafficked must tell us something about the modern sexual world. World, not America, because US visitors are only half the sites traffic, and India comes in at 10% of total (might skew things). The most popular categories might be a first glance into the dark heart that is fantastical lust.

Erotic Couplings is a category that is all inclusive of one on one sensual encounters. Cruising random subsections by letter, it is standard fantasy situations of coworkers, friends who finally connect, an ex, a school scenario. Seems like '70s and '80s video pornography put to type. These are lost scripts from the "Red Shoe Diaries". This category has the most entries with 39,690 as of today. This is a bit cheating because this would be the most common. It is not a specific genre. What are those top genres? That might tell us what the people want.

3. "Loving Wives" - At 22,091 entries, married extramarital fun is a big genre. These stories range from the loser cuckold stories to swingers to wives who play good and bad tricks to wives who want to please their men. Looking at Alexa data, this site is overrepresented by men, so not a big surprise here.

2. "BDSM" - With 23,644 stories, BDSM is a popular category. Stories run the gamut from dominatrix filled, secret slave, light S&M, humiliation, higher brow artsy stuff to sicker torture/revenge stuff that may require a woman to service herself with fruit in public bathrooms because her master said so. There are sick people in the world, and Literotica reflects that.

1. "Incest/Taboo" - It is not even close. This category has 29,340 stories in it. BDSM and Loving Wives have roughly 50% more stories than the next two categories, but Incest/Taboo has 25% more than BDSM/Loving Wives. This category is full of lightly odd stories like people who have sex with in-laws to sex with a wife and her sister to totally disturbing gay incest. Just cruising the titles and short descriptions will generate a laugh, reading reader comments will stop the laughter.

These categories might be represented more on Literotica because they do not have exposure through traditional outlets. These might be the most popular categories because they reflect the desires people have that they wish to satisfy in the most anonymous of ways. The NSA might disagree on anonymity, but from the privacy of one's home, the Internet allows people to seek that which is considered deviant and taboo without shame or scolding. Literotica is still a popular site despite the '90s web design. Sex will always sell. It is hard to get worked up over these stories and what they may reveal when is selling S+M spanking dresses, plus size of course. Enjoy the decline.

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