Tuesday, November 19, 2013

If I was Jameis Winston's Spokesman...

Jameis Winston doesn't have an agent yet, but if I were a family member or go between shady handler that is an influence man for the family, here is what I would suggest.

We know there was an incident a year ago. Here is the police report. The girl decided not to prosecute but new information is reopening the case. Kobe Bryant is a manipulative jerk who got mixed up in a weird situation with a young woman. His police interview is probably the most honest he'll ever reveal about himself and his life because it was not a statement to the media. Kobe banged a slightly disturbed young woman and then employed a female lawyer who broke rape shield laws to scare the shit out of the young woman. It worked. Use the Kobe approach but think about modern America, the media, money and race.

1. He knows what happened so he knows what the victim looked like. If she was black, portray this as an awkward situation where consensual sex happened but now that he is famous and looking at an NFL career, she's looking for a payday.

2. If she was white, set up a tearful press conference and state it was consensual, but that the white folks are pressing their daughter to press charges because >sniff sniff< it's hard for a brother. No one cares about me. I mean, I hope to live long enough to see a black president. People are so mean to me. >sniff sniff<

Casting suspicions about the woman's motives will work if it went to trial. It's a shakedown by a sistah looking for some loot. Bringing up that the dreaded racism is at the heart of the change of mind by the victim and her family might scare the white family off entirely. After all, why press charges about your daughter's rape when the world may think you're a racist? Taking the offensive in the court of public opinion, even if gently framing it your way, would set the ground up for any possible trial.

This would work. The media would LOVE to play defender of the "falsely accused by racist whites" black sports star. They'd set their keyboards to "To Kill a Mockingbird" and let rip. Winston probably has nothing to worry about because there are enough FSU fans in Florida to make sure he'd be acquitted in any trial. This is the sick world we live in. Weird thing is this woman claims to have gotten drunk and take advantage. Maybe Emily Yoffe was onto something when she advised young women not to get drunk and get into situations where men can take advantage of them. I repeat, this is the sick world we live in.

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