Monday, November 18, 2013

How BLS Rigging Explains Power in the US

The NY Post has released a story stating that the October 5th 2012 employment information was manipulated for political reasons. Zero Hedge is on it and rightfully gloating. This employment report would be the final one for the election as it would set the economic spin tone for the final month of the election. There was an extra importance to this report. It was released two days after Romney thoroughly beat Obama in the first debate. Did everyone forget the poll bounce Romney had after that, especially with women? This is the American left, it is always about politics.

Timing is everything and that report, cracking the psychological even if meaningless 8% line set the tone for that month. Did it matter? Hard to tell, but this was a tight election. Take a look at the general polling at that time. That report helped out greatly and set talking points for the next month, deflecting the attacks on the economy from the Romney camp. Everyone could get focused on what really mattered: the War on Women.

Still, the manipulation explains power in the American system:

1. Democracy means getting more voters lined up for you. White House fears getting the numbers.
2. The BLS releases a BS jobs number anticipating...
3. The media to spin the wonderful and improved numbers (outlier be damned) as proof Obama-recovery is working and just needs more time.
4. Without spending a precious bit of campaign funds, this would defend Obama from the prime attack by the Romney camp that would work on the middle voters and economy is the top issue voters.
5. Molding the minds of enough voters to sway things on that first Tuesday in November.

Need more votes -> civil service -> media -> just enough voters

Tell me elections don't matter, but I'll tell you this: the big problems wouldn't be different under Romney but one "fix" would be accomplished. Obamacare would be fully repealed right now if not first order of business it would happen now with the cancellation-website screw up. Romney + the House would set it up, and they'd lean on the nervous red state Democrats in the Senate (Pryor, Landrieu, Begich, Warner, Nelson, Manchin, etc.) to swing just enough for the 50-50 vote so Ryan could cast the deciding vote and repeal. Have a behind closed doors conference with insurance companies guaranteeing premium reductions for plan year 2014, and he'd look like a hero. Romney would do that.

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