Friday, November 15, 2013

Different Paths

"Approach when she needs a see-saw partner. Day Game to set up play dates."

Marriage is a terrible. Family life is horrible. Kids are more trouble than they are worth. Your wife will become a land whale. Don't ever marry. No one will appreciate all you do for them. It's a sucker's bet. Divorce theft. Think of all the hot 22 year olds you won't be banging, and with game you can keep banging them forever. This is the best way to live, the one true path and anyone not doing it is a fool, a sucker or a loser.


I need a purpose project like a surrogate activity to make up for the fact that I do not need to work hard anymore to provide material comfort. Learning wood carving, amateur photography, becoming a yogi, maybe even taking a sabbatical to learn the art of beer brewing sounds fun. Kids would take up a lot of time and impinge on my self actualization. Kids are so cliche. I don't think I can fit it in my schedule and still be true to me. I'm a big fan of Sting, not that I own any of his records or listen to his music, but the fact that he makes music and is who he is has had a big effect on me. This mocha is my special, secret blend.

Here's another one: whatever path you choose, always aim to be a better man. When you work on you and improve, better women will enter your orbit. This does include money because income is a ticket to pools of higher quality women. Ever notice obese people are spotted less frequently the higher you move on the socioeconomic ladder? Act confident and secure, and they will gravitate towards you. With game, you can secure a hot, young wife. Women love a winner. She'll love you and want to build a family with you. Women constantly seek their place in the status hierarchy of their social circle, and once you're married, they use "husband" as a proxy marker. If you're confident and competent, you'll be set with a very attractive wife for a couple of decades. There is a 40% chance of divorce (significantly lower if she is a college graduate, over 25 or a devoutly religious woman), but life is full of risks.

If it makes you happy, it's worth it. There are many paths in life offering different rewards. I'm not going to denigrate another path to affirm my world view revealing secret insecurity, as different paths are for different people. For men who do not want kids, you live in a sexual candyland if gamed well. We all have friends doing this in various cities, and America's cultural erosion provides more divorced, yoga toned women each year as you get older. For SWPLs, online capabilities and product costs make any niche activity doable now. Making your own hummus is easy now when 25 years ago, few knew what hummus was. I interact with SWPLs at many parties. Their energy and passion for what I consider stupid activities is breathtaking. These paths all have value and worth for those who put effort into them. Think of the rewards, pick your path and walk it.

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Anonymous said...

Echoes a recent post by the incorrigible Krauser - that self-actualisation (my interpretation of what he was talking about in striving) is the only way to avoid settling whenever you have secured the lower elements of the needs hierarchy. It's extremely heartening to read this being expressed in so many places in the M-sphere.