Saturday, November 09, 2013

Cigna Doesn't Want Men

Cigna has been gearing up for the big Obamacare health exchange system with a multiyear advertising campaign called "Go You". From the advertisement, "Be true to yourself, what's healthier than that". Let's look at the ads.

Ad 1: Never forget you're one of a kind. Skinny Asian lady is the lead. What if everyone was who they view themselves or wish to be on inside as a uniform. No one looks fat.

Ad 2: Believe in yourself. We do. All women characters. Regular looking women present. From childhood to motherhood, you have a tough life of other women being bitches to you or bratty kids. Go to your happy place with a childhood song, and be true to yourself.

Ad 3: You were born an original. It's up to you to stay that way. A prettier version of Laura Kightlinger stars in this. Baby with blue eyes becomes a blue eyed woman who does a bunch of jobs including many that manly men do like cop, welder, goddess (what?), construction worker, jockey, baseball catcher, race car driver, fireman, cowboy, chef, beauty queen, fencer, scuba diver and surgeon. I like the ballerina (I assume that was the goddess) and beauty queen are still thrown in despite the ultrafeminist imagery because secretly, ballerina, beauty queen and princess (combo of the first two) are the ultimate status achievement.

So tell me, if Cigna doesn't have a single "Go You" ad with a male lead and is using a slogan pushed on women by Oprah and other writers, do they even want men in this program? The ad campaign was reported to be heavily focused on women's media. With ads like these, I can see why. It is feminism out of academia and then a dose of 'hey being a gal is tough at any age". Isn't the problem with the uninsured the lack of young men in the risk pool because of the "I'm invincible" reckless young men factor with medical plan enrollments? Propaganda over results. This entire program will go down in flames, and the Democrats and their crony capitalist enablers who brought ACA into formation deserve that fate.

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incongruous ad from Cgina said...

Just yesterday I saw a commercial from Cigna, promoting their new multi-faceted app, which ran along this particular theme. Going off my best recollection, a man and woman spend an afternoon biking along a dirt trail, with the man encountering some avoidable mishaps, say a tree branch or pothole, as his female partner avoids them with ease and waits for him to catch up. The bumbling fool provides the entertainment as he struggles to keep up and the product itself is displayed when he browses injury quotes on his iPad at the end of the commercial.

Mind you, this ad ran during an X-Games type of event; dirt bike tricks at some course in NM. Guys biking down a dirt course with multiple jumps and bends.

Couldn’t find the commercial on the web though. It’s similar to that KIA ad with the girl marathon runner.