Friday, November 22, 2013

5 Reasons Duck Dynasty is a Success

Duck Dynasty was a popular Halloween costume idea for folks this year. It also is a ratings giant. As a quasi-scripted reality show, it is cheap to make and has been a home run for the production company. The ratings for Duck Dynasty are pretty high. Why? Andy Greenwald at Grantland discusses honesty, charm, old timey values and people who like and love each other. He is so close. That is brilliant and elegant writing if Americans were that savvy. The ratings are 10-14 million watching, which today is a success but in a nation of 310 million is not a lot.

Here's why Duck Dynasty is a success: people like watching people like themselves. Duck Dynasty wins viewers because it is the only show I can think of where....

1. Men are men, women are women
2. People have families. Kids are wanted and cherished, not accessories.
3. Their faith in God is presented as positive
4. No gays
5. No minorities

There are no beautiful Latina lesbian doctors like on Grey's Anatomy. God and faith are not dragged through the mud. Manjaw careerist lawyers drinking cosmos are nowhere to be seen. They are a soil of the earth family not portrayed as violent, redneck racists wife beaters. They are family men, business men, and have wives who enjoy being wives and mothers. It may shock the media, but there are still 10-15 millon people in America who want to watch that for one hour a week.

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PiedmontBloodandSoil said...

Good points all. I think a similar reason could be given for why all those "people/family in the wilderness" shows are also doing quite well (Mountain Men, Alaska's Last Frontier). Most Americans don't live like that and probably wouldn't want to, but they idea of being able to live away from Big Brother and his shrieking dependents appeals to many.

I figure it's just a matter of time before the Cathedral starts forcing more goodthink into such shows. Give it a few more seasons and we'll see a black New Age communist bisexual vegan introduced, maybe as a love interest for one of the Robinson kids.