Thursday, October 17, 2013

Why "Government is the Only Thing We All Belong to" is Correct

Roughly a year ago, the DNC rolled out a video that had the phrase "government is the only thing we all belong to" (link). Conservatives umped on this phrase by stating that the government belongs to us not the other way around, and critics pointed out the creepy vibe that the phrase put off, which is correct. The problem is that these critics did not pause to think about who the message was pointed at and the reality of the modern make-up of America's left. That phrase is exactly right because the state is the only thing that the island of misfit voters on the left has in common.

The modern left voting pool does not share a core ideology or even a core identity. It is a patchwork coalition or a headless horseman that just shows up and votes "D" or whatever leftist parties in Europe. I've blogged before on these groups being losers in the capitalist Western Civilization format; there is nothing that ties them together. There is no unifying ideology either as that is forever moving leftward. They live highly segregated, the black and Hispanic blocs are more socialist in economic thinking, the wealthier are more neoliberal (low tax, free trade, anti-union) in economic thinking, union guys are social conservatives by today's progressive standards, and blacks do not vote for gay rights nor like immigration. They are small, divided pieces cajoled and assembled for the first Tuesday in November. Does anyone on the left really care as much about free birth control as their single female voting bloc? No. That is the single lady gimmedat, which is different from the section 8-EBT-free school meals gimmedat for blacks.

Because they all have different gimmedats and often disagree on actual beliefs, they have little in common. Except government. The government or state is what they all belong to since they have such different identities, constantly pushed and honed by the media and education system. Every subset of human identity is carefully cultivated, provided they vote D in November. The progressive steamroller is desperate for the next civil rights crusade that a subset of a subset of sexually different people, transgendered men and women, is the new focus. They are also clearly different and neatly segregated. I doubt a black woman has stepped foot in a B'nai B'rith office unless she was there to beg for money for a charity for underprivileged, black youths. They all get something from the state no matter how wildly different their identity or community is. Even the rich get their crony capitalism favors and tax code rigging from the bought politicians.

The statement is correct because it is geared towards them. This video was not for all of America. It was a convention propaganda film in an age where conventions attract fewer and fewer viewers. It was a poorly worded way to affirm the choice of voting for more government for these true believers and dependents. The dirty truth under the phrase "government is the only thing we all belong to" is that we are so atomized and divided in the multicultural empire that we cannot think of a unified national identity. Liberals glamorize every splinter group without a unified default therefore the sense of belonging as a piece of the state is all that remains. The message is correct. The right is a coalition as well but one can envision a simple outline they belong to "light skin toned family friendly people who love America and hate taxes" (Sailer's "Core Americans" concept). One can't envision a unified identity on the left. The only thing that hodgepodge collection of leftist voters all belong to is the criminal racket known as the US federal government.

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peterike said...

The only thing that hodgepodge collection of leftist voters all belong to is the criminal racket known as the US federal government.

That is true. But there IS one ideological note that hums under all the different groups that comprise the Left: European white men are the enemy.