Friday, October 11, 2013

What They Fought For

In the last year, people have told me that veterans fought for gays to be able to marry and on the other hand been told they never would have fought had they known we'd live in the rainbow world of 21st century America. Old vets get trotted out for propaganda pieces and repeat the words supplied to them how they fought for affirmative action, twerking, Obamacare, third world adoptions, Coca Cola, mass immigration, whatever is needed at the moment, but that is all in our timespace. What future were those G.I. Generation soldiers fighting for in 1943?

"It might be hard slogging right now in 1943, but don't you worry Joe, the future is flying cars*. Well they may look like this right now but by the time you get back from the war, marry that swell gal back home and have a pretty little daughter in cute, clean clothes running up to meet you after a long day at your white collar job, our personal helicopters will be ready for you. You too will be a country gentleman. It's what you're fighting for!"

*Note the small print description of these planes as 'fool-proof', 'moderate-priced', and able to 'safely' land if the motor shuts off mid-flight.

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Toddy Cat said...

I'd fight for that. Where do I sign up?