Friday, October 11, 2013

Underclass Gets to Adrian Peterson

Prayers to Adrian Peterson and his family while they wait for his 2 year old to hopefully recover from a horrible beating at the hand's of his biological mother's boyfriend (sorry, alleged abuse).

Peterson has millions. Peterson has fame. Peterson has a pretty hot current squeeze. He did not wrap up his junk and knocked up a woman a couple of years ago. She gets custody of the son and child support, which the courts will applaud as preserving the mother-child bond while supplementing her socioeconomic status by siphoning off Peterson's income to her. Let's see, send kid to live with multimillionaire father in mansion located in a nice suburb or chick who hit sperm donor lottery with no real means, hmmmm, let's preserve that mother-child bond and send her a nice check each month.

It didn't work. She is still stuck in the underclass. Receiving money didn't change her ways, which exposes the liberal "money fixes all social ills" concept. The suspect sounds like quite a catch with a child with another woman and a protective orders issued on him. He had a violent past. Maybe there is a reason dads go on alert about who their ex-wives allow around their kids. Maybe it's the infanticide stats. A lot of those dead toddlers and babies are killed by mommy's friend.

Besides the child in critical condition, the sad part is that Peterson made it rich and famous despite his criminal father but could not escape the effects of the massive American underclass. Yes, Peterson could've wrapped it up, and maybe he didn't fight for custody of his kid in family court, but if he did, this child's pain and suffering is on our family court system and the leftists who created its modern incarnation. The underclass got to Peterson with the help of an enabling government.

Update: Peterson's son is now dead. Horrible to lose a child.

Update Two: Peterson only recently learned he was the father.

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