Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Theory on Gay Imprinting + Homophobia

Cosigned. As I alluded in yesterday's post on molding gays for voting, the causes of homosexuality are politically constrained to fit the progressive agenda and narrative. It's biological -> innate -> a class or group, not a lifestyle -> dangle carrots for support -> captured voting bloc for the vanguard of never-ending leftward drifting progressives. To even allow discussion of other causes leaves the door open to destroy the "it's innate" argument, which then opens a can of worms that leads down the line listed above this sentence. Protect the narrative because the progressive ends justify any means.

My theory on homosexuality is that while it is not normal, it is in nature therefore a natural phenomenon. One would not call sociopaths a normal phenomenon, yet they make up 4% of the global population, which is roughly the same number as homosexuals (calm down, I'm not saying gays are sociopaths just comparing similar numbers). My theory is the buffet theory that some homosexuals are genetic, some become gay due to pre-natal hormone levels, some choose to be gay, some go gay when they could live straight if in a less permissive culture (I've met Bible belt closet cases), and some people are molested and become gay due to imprinting in youth. Same sex molestation acts as an imprinting event, and the broader folk wisdom of that connection explains homophobia.

Looking for the sexual abuse and gay link to my last post, I could find studies showing gay men were molested by men at far higher rates than straights, but the studies were decades old. The studies were also only cited on Christian or conservative websites. This is a form of soft cathedral censorship. Soft censorship plinkos that information so that it is only available at "evil oppressive" sites or if you found the 20-30 year old academic journal. Just imagine a SWPL reacting to a study showing gay men report being molested at rates 3-5x straight men, "Oh yeah that study >use airquotes + make a smarmy face when saying study< is only found on evil evangelical sites. Reputable sites don't have that info, man".

The other link I used cited how a recent study on number of gays molested was the first to even ask if it was a causal factor. Why might academia spend decades with limited studies on self reported molestation rates of gays vs. straight and NEVER consider asking about cause? The danger is in what they might find. In yesterday's post, I quoted a TIME article from '79, and I did not use a quote that mentioned reluctance to study the origins of homosexuality. Fear fo what it might say about straights was the reason given, but ahem, that sounds like cover for fear of what it might say about gays. If some studies show 25% of gay men self-reporting that they were sexually abused as children and same sex molestation could be linked as a cause for some, there might be a need for some soul searching in the gay male community (besides astronomic HIV infction rate soul searching).

There are studies that discuss the male mind and imprinting with mate selection to the point where men choose partners that resemble mom. Men who also report their first masturbation experience in the presence of another guy also turn out to be gay at higher rates. Is it so hard to connect some dots and estimate that if an teenage boy or pre-teen is sexual active with an older man that he may be "imprinted" and turn out to be gay? I'm not saying all gays were molested, just that same sex molestation might mess with the wiring in the mind that causes arousal and attraction. Yes, being gay is who you love, but also who you want to have sex with. Something is not normal to want sex with a member of the same gender due to reproduction and the fact that 97% of the population is attracted to the opposite sex.

This is a huge unspoken element to academia as professors will ponder root causes and rattle off the most ridiculous things for what everyday people can see with their own eyes. Academics writing on porn spout theories that porn consumers seek what they were afraid of as kids or what they associate with conflict, danger or pain, leaving out the fact that they are lumping in fetishists with casual porn viewers because NO ONE can be called deviant. If academics can state that people develop fetishes through trauma or fear associations as a child, then why won't any academic say men sexually abused in a fearful or tense situation might develop a sexual arousal trigger with the same situation when they are older? Wait, it might reveal a dirty thing about gays. Thoughtcrime, no tenure for you! Psychology Today dismisses a link in one sentence as conventional wisdom (haha, proles), so I believe in the link more, doubly since they gave this fool a platform. How can Psychology Today dismiss any link if no one has investigated causality per Dr. Throckmorton prior to the study he cited????

Might this also explain why there are more gay men than gay women? Gay men outnumber gay women by 2-3x. What if the number of same sex molestations are lower for women-girls compared to men-boys? One factoid here says 5% of all girls molested are by molested women. Does someone have those numbers? I lazily looked on Google but so many links are about harm done to women. From the other studies cited in the link from yesterday's post, it seemed that gay men reported being molested at higher rates than gay women. Maybe it's not making a solid straight into a solid gay, but what if the leaners get molested and it messes with them? Get to know enough gays, buy them a few beers Cosmos, and the stories come out. Correlation is not caustion, but wipe out the same sex molestation differential between gay men and gay women in some studies and suddenly the total gay male number gets closer to the gay female number.

As cited in the link at the start, the concept of homophobia might be an evolutionary adaptation to parents wanting to have future generations. I kind of agree with that, but I'm not a science nerd who only thinks in science terms. I'm a history nerd, a 21st century American and a parent. I doubt a high percentage of people think like geeks now or even in days of olde and considered evolutionary and reproduction strategies in their spare time. Aversion to homosexuals is a worldwide idea with varying degrees of avoidance, so this crosses cultural boundaries and different levels of civilization.

Let's take the science nerd hat off. Some people think purely in terms of safety for their kid. I also do not think that those 1950s videos warning about gay pedophiles were entirely devoid of fact even if overdone. Even in prison culture, child molesters are the bottom rung that prisoners beat up and despise. In the back of straight minds (prisoner or parent), even if molestation only causes a percentage of gays to become gay, they are thinking, "You are strange. You are different. I know what happened to you. I know that you guys do this more than straight guys. I do not want my kid to end up like you. You will not do that to my child". People helicopter parent to make sure their average C student child maximizes their grades, so the parental protector instinct would activate if they even sniffed a connection between molestation and becoming gay.

As stated in the introduction above, I believe same sex molestation causes some men to become homosexuals, and a consequence of this is the worldwide and eons long gut feeling modern pundits call homophobia. Go ahead and doubt me, but make sure you film the facial expression of a SWPL when you ask them if your gay friend can watch their son for the night.

Question: Did the Inductivist blog operator die?


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Question: Did the Inductivist blog operator die?

I have feared this very thing. His real name is known and not terribly common. If he died it seems we could turn an obit.

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found this comment purportedly from Ron Gunhame Sept 17, 2013:

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Greg Cochran over at West Hunter thinks homosexuality arises from an intrauterine infection.