Thursday, October 10, 2013

Obama's Military Purge

When you're an abandoned orphan loved by no one, maybe you'll have feelings of insecurity as an adult. Marines attending inaugurations with their rifles disabled might be orders of a paranoid President or maybe just a new, safer gun policy. Maybe you've been scratching your head at all the military brass being relieved of command. Me too. Let's review.

The army has seen some big dogs let go right in the middle of wars and even escalation periods of wars. Obama's purge some call it. Got to love the picture they used in that link where Obama is making his puckered prissy look. Cited in that link:

Gen. Petraeus relieved for an affair right around Benghazi.

General Allen for inappropriate involvement with Jill Kelly (no, not the '90s butterface porn star).

General McChrystal in 2010 after a Rolling Stone article where he said Biden's strategy would lead to Chaos-istan (puns, haha). Weird that a general could get fired for an interview critical of a war that a minority of Americans support or know exists still (yes, we're still there). The not funny part is that he is right about Afghanistan.

Gen. McKiernan resigned early in 2009 despite good performance in Iraq, and prior to what many thought would be Obama's quick decision to surge in Afghanistan.

Gen. Ham removed from top command of Africom because he disregarded the stand down order and moved to save lives at Benghazi. His departure was called a retirement.

Admiral Gaouette replaced in October of 2012, reporting says like Ham, he moved to help those at Benghazi.

If I did not know any better, I'd think something important happened at Benghazi. Not earth shattering, but definitely higher in importance than anyone in the Blue Empire is letting on publicly. Like maybe (conspiracy theory hat on) the attack at Benghazi was not Al-Qaeda since Benghazi was where we were running captured Libyan weapons to Syrian rebels affiliated with Al-Qaeda. The attack, which featured organized men in military outfits to fool people, was carried out by our true Middle East foe, the Iranians, formulated by their true believer mastermind.

Typed in Naval Dress Uniform: "You guys set up the smuggling conduit for Al-Qaeda yet you're saying Al-Qaeda performed the attack in Benghazi. So if Al-Qaeda was getting weapons thru Benghazi, and Al-Qaeda was desperate for weapons in Syria, why would they attack their very weapons supplier? Why the self-defeating attack? If we knew it was an attack, why the stand down order? If Al-Qaeda was attacking a US consulate with CIA assets and an ambassador present, why wouldn't the US move to protect them? It was because we got outsmarted and beaten by the Iranians and couldn't let that get out as an October surprise before re-election. The C-in-C ordered the stand down because he didn't want anyone to know the Iranians got the upperhand on us. The administration ordered the weapons smuggling to Syria and when it went bad, they cut those guys loose, they doctored the log book, used the closest excuse around with the Youtube video, put an election ahead of saving lives, and any officer who objected to the stand down was removed!"

Outside of the Benghazi fallout, there have been a variety of other generals removed and demoted. Former Gen. Cartwright is under investigation for leaking information related to cyber warfare. Irony would be if he leaked the "I ordered Stuxnet" Obama boast that the NY Times reported during campaign 2012 to strengthen his C-in-C, warrior credentials.

Marine Generals Guganus and Sturdevant were relieved for not defending a base. Marine Commandant Amos seems to be firing many O5s and O6s and Marines are 'meh' on Amos. O5s and O6s, so like our future Marine leadership, oh ok, thanks Amos.

In fall of 2012, Brig. General Sinclair of the 82nd Airborne faced removal and discipline charges for a variety of low level stuff including sodomy. Correct me if I am wrong, but didn't we just give gays the green light to engage in sodomy all they want and serve?

These flimsy sex conduct and alcohol type charges were also used in April of 2013 against Gen. Baker removed from command of the Combined Joint Task Force-Horn of Africa.

Marine General Mattis was removed or replaced from command of CentCom in early 2013, possibly for being hawkish and aggressive. An aggressive, kick ass Marine, go figure, and isn't that his job.

Navy Admiral who oversees our nuclear command was demoted and relieved of those duties after being accused of using counterfeit chips at a casino.

There is an honest, nonpartisan writer who wrote that we need to get rid of a lot of brass (published early '12) and Panetta was fighting it (Panetta is a GOP turned Dem old Washington Consensus guy), but the president should send a message. Considering how this White House operates, what if they have been using ticky-tack legal type of means to remove generals and admirals? Seems to fit their MO.

Update 10-11-2013: Air Force General in charge of nukes relieved due to lack of trust.

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PRCD said...

Most Americans don't care that our Blue Empire is smuggling weapons to our 'enemies' - THE GOVERNMENT IS SHUT DOWN. Bennies are drying up. 15% of the government is doing EVEN LESS than it normally does. THIS IS A CRISIS. Benghazi? ZZZZZZ. More power to the Iranians if they shut down this Sunni weapons pipeline.

Personally, I don't care. These generals are all political appointees anyways. They've made it to the top by keeping the boat steady.

Washington DC is the prize. If you wanted to invade America and take it's wealthy, you'd plunder DC. If the Beltway is left helpless because it gutted its own military with disastrous policies, they're the ones who will ultimately pay.