Thursday, October 03, 2013

Note on GOP Grandstanding

That there GOP is fighting the tough fight about spending, Obamacare and freedom. Filibustering, negotiating, and fighting for you and me. This is kabuki theater by ugly people in DC. Even the jolly jokers of the Daily Show and Colbert Report get to recycle their material about white guys talking together, orangeman Boehner and nothing negative about the One. How dangerously on the edge Stewart + Colbert roam. Lost in all of this is a simple question to the GOP: Why not roll back the stimulus spending that was pushed into the last passed budget, establishing a new, higher baseline for spending that must be increased 6% each year? Wait, you GOP guys didn't think of that or did not want to? I think it is the latter; plus it'd never pass the Senate. This grandstanding makes for great drama and keeps the voters primed for the next round of fundraising and voting.

Keep waving those flags and pressing the case for fiscal responsibility. You guys sell the case so well. I will tip my hat to you for holding only one chamber of Congress but linking the debt ceiling to some sequestraion of any sort. Bravo for that little accomplishment. More of us our opening our eyes to the reality that nothing is going to change until an external factor or agent causes it to change. The American Thinker essay points out how reforming the 1974 Budget Act would be a better long term move, yet none of you ever bring it up as "change". You guys sell your faith to the cause so well that most of the Tea Party rank and file have not even voiced displeasure at your avoidance of removing or replacing the stimulus. That stimulus is fluff and mostly goes to the political allies of the super liberal Congress that was elected in 2008, so why not pay off your supporters? Because you guys are a false opposition and what wonderful false opposition you make. Even replacing the redistribution programs with an infrastructure stimulus would have paid off donors and been a PR winner. After you are done with writing the fundraising email to middle class evangelicals on how you are >this< close to banning abortion, work hard on your reducing government spending letter for the Tea Party email list.

If we are going to get a debt ceiling hike and grand bargain, Bruce Krasting writes that Obama may throw ACA out for a Social Security change. Doubtful because the Dems know that if they wreck the insurance system enough, the media can convince enough fools to vote in a bare Democrat majority for single payer. If the big health care firms truly run the health care show, then we will see ACA scrapped because those firms must see their extinction date if the economy stays in the crapper and no one is hired full time. If they properly built crap plans covered exactly by the subsidy they will assume the role of privately running what will become a de facto single payer. Bravo if the insurance lobby pulls that off, but I doubt it.

Could these fools bargain away the old stimulus? Here is a suggestion, and who knows, maybe this is being cooked up in the behind the scenes fiscal planning. A broad based tax cut replacement of most of the stimulus garbage spending, just like a lot of people are calling for. How will it be funded? This is where the FED's money printing pays for it under the brand new FED chair's direction. If the deficit is coming down, which is a slight trend due to improved tax receipts (bubble capital gains). We get a grand bargain of the debt ceiling bumping up by a significant margin, a new tax reduction for the populists, a new FED chair focused on the little guy (stop laughing) and new trillion plus annual deficits to keep the Frankenstein economy going. A deal is being struck, Obama's bosses told him so. Keep up the work GOP, and I'll write you a big check with my bitcoin holdings.

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