Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Fiat Everything

Reality will not be denied. As much as progressives want their Emerald City of social and economic world reforms to gleam, their world sinks further into the muck. Our political parties put on show debates for the somewhat informed and just splash images onscreen with outright lies as slogans for the low information voters. "Obama said banks and 1% need to pay moar taxes. He no like 1%. He give me free birth control. Me like him." It is not Kabuki Everything, but it is Fiat Everything. The things we have are not real as we formerly knew them. Society uses the same name to describe these concepts or institutions as the actual things we formerly enjoyed, while no one would logically view them as remotely close to a Platonic ideal.

Fiat Money - Backed by full faith in the United States government. This sounds great until the stupidity of such a concept is clearly exemplified when the government throws out the idea of a trillion dollar platinum coin gimmick to get around spending limits.

Fiat Law - Anarcho-tyranny on a daily basis. You think the connected and wealthy corporations or people are subject to law? Jon Corzine walks free. Rapists get charged with criminal confinement so prosecutors don't have to risk a 'loss' in the courtroom, but you can have rape charges thrown at you well after an interaction from a spiteful woman and be investigated.

Fiat Marriage - Anytime for anything anyone can divorce; often there is a nice payout even with bad behavior. Now with gay marriage, any combination is OK.

Fiat Wives - A lot of men can do the basics their dad or grandfather could do (mow lawn, change tire, basic handyman stuff), how many wives can cook or clean like their moms? How many staying trim after 30?

Fiat Parenting - Both parents work so daycare watches the kids (if that), screw up and child protective services takes your kids away (Fiat Children).

Fiat Friends - How many of your Facebook friends will call you this year? But but but he liked my witty post?

Fiat Dads - 41% illegitimacy rate! Sperm donors replaced by Uncle Sam in many respects so girl can get her freak on. If he is proactive but mom wants a divorce, like a dad has a chance in family court.

Fiat Men - Skinny jeans mocha sippin' hipsters, 1000 yard stare hostages husbands, unemployable absent father consistently criminal emotionally unstable (mimicking momma) black guys, IT video game obsessed hermits, and enlightened academics who hyphenate their names with their wife's name.

Fiat Women - BMI over 30 slugs, just one of the guys jokesters, Hot Pocket chefs, swearin'-drinkin'-bangin' carousel riders, careerists who don't get around to having kids or marrying, they seem to associate femininity with bad, and shameless in all regards.

Fiat Work - Employer-employee relationship is at will so they can fire you for anything, megacorporations that manage employees like inventory, death of medium sized and regional businesses, offshoring, outsourcing, make work for countless white collar and government workers and illegal immigrant substitution for lower skilled because no one values you. Do you see the end result of a day's work?

Fiat Media - No one investigates anything anymore, propaganda everywhere, and even the sports section has become "A Very Special Blossom Episode" each Sunday edition.

Fiat Education - Anyone learn anything anymore in school? Many students are taught by their parents since the schools have to give more attention to the multiple special ed kids scattered throughout classrooms.

Fiat College - Diploma mills that rubber stamp grades to get good jobs (see Fiat Work), and indoctrination camps for the next generation's political commissars.

Fiat Sex - Pornography/Sex/Dating; porn has become barbaric to the point where you can ask "Is this rape fantasy porn?" and "Who finds this sexy?" while watching 90% of scenes. In the real world, chicks try porn moves now at first touch, and no one courts anyone anymore. In an opposite direction, does anyone believe Americans are having more sex than ever when we have more obese people than ever? I doubt those rah-rah articles online.

Fiat Sports - It's product placement at the professional levels, tax free revenue corruption from head to toe at the college level, and insanely competitive down to 7 year old coach pitch or pee-wee football. All for what, an activity few if any play regularly after their first kid?

Fiat Art - Art sucks. Nydwracu tumble blogs awful architecture that the current taste makers like. Check it out in contrast to the amazing old architecture he posts.

Fiat Movies - Everything is a comic/novel adaptation, remake or re-imagining, or a franchise installment. The women are botoxed, men 'roided up, and CGI is in everything.

Fiat Music - See Fiat Art, it sucks. Most pop sounds like two robots fucking with a 13 year old girl singing over it.

Fiat Government - Who was the last president to govern? Nixon? What did they do to him? Thrown out for obstructing an investigation and being mean to enemies. Sounds quaint now.

Fiat Food - Netflix has enough documentaries on how most food is schlock.

Fiat Adulthood - Kickball leagues and feetie pajamas for adults. See Fiat Dads, you have the freedom of children.

There are more abstract concepts like diversity and freedom that could go here, but of course they could since we are living in Fiat Everything. Tonight I will drink. Whiskey. Real alcohol. Not Smirnoff Ice Fiat Booze.

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