Monday, October 14, 2013

Everyday Liberals and Columbus Day

The essays and anger are showing up about Columbus Day. "Killer, slaver, asshole, grr I hate Columbus". All the silly messages boil down to hating their heritage and demonizing Western Civilization. I've blogged on this before as it is obviously western guilt and self-hatred. Have these liberals even spent an hour with an American Indian? No. The hate on Columbus and the men who conquered a continent, spreading civilization, is to distract themselves or others from their own spot at the top of the pyramid.

Let's use an example that Americans hear from the media is sadly oppressed in American society, black women, and see how awesome their set up is in relation to the world. This slice of women is disproportionately found in the poorest income and wealth levels of the US but we do have a lot of programs to elevate their socioeconomic status, which is paid for with Arab and Asian lending (export earnings recycling) to maintain Americans' standard of living rather than help their own people. From head to toe....

She has a weave, which is made with the hair of Indian women.
She gets her hair done or spends time at the salon or spa with other women waiting on her like she's a royal.
She holds a smartphone that was made with Coltan. Coltan mining has killed a few million (many kids) and funds a civil war in the Congo.
The smartphone was assembled in China by sweatshop labor.
She will use that smartphone for maybe two years.
Her clothes are made in third world nations most likely by children and teens.
Her kids are fed and watched by others so she can self-actualize work chill out at home. These fools pick up your kid even if you don't work and actually can be home all day with your child.
Her Nikes are made by the grandchildren of Vietnamese who survived a multidecade war versus the French and Americans.

But yeah, those European men and women who settled America to farm and for opportunities they could not get in their home countries were horrible oppressors.

Happy Columbus Day!

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