Sunday, October 27, 2013

Even in the Best Places to Live

It is easy to point out the barbaric behavior of the underclass because they do it at astronomical rates compared to others. Carmel, Indiana has an average median household income of 121,000. About 2/3 of households are married couples with only 6% of households led by single moms. About 2% of the population lives below the poverty line. The homes are beautiful, and I looked at homes there but was turned off by a lot of the new construction, soulless neighborhoods (.13 acre lots, no trees). The high home prices keep out the riff-raff. It has a good mix of business, artistic and residential interests. The city has good schools, and the kids are good kids.  It is a safe community of 80,000. It was Money Magazine's #1 best place to live in 2012.

Carmel's high school is also dealing with some new problems. It also uses a breathalyzer on students prior to admission to high school football games. Prescription pills are the drug of choice. School dances have devolved into Dionysian rituals with the required breathalyzers and just recently, all lights are left on at all times. The lights are left on because at school dances too many students were getting their freak on and performing sex acts on the dance floor in the dimmed lighting. Chaperones are armed with heavy flashlights to beat away students who attempt to block them off from breaking up sex acts. Money and technology can mask the social decline for only so long.

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PRCD said...

School dances sound like a blast. Gee, I'd love to send a daughter to one!

At least in the past if things go too Dionysian, both sets of parents quickly forced a marriage.