Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Deviant vs. Normal

The Internet is a sick place. Your here, at this demented place, reading when you could be elsewhere reading wonderful old books, researching the intricacies of anything or checking out the copious amounts of pornography that make up 30% of all Internet traffic. Anything and everything is available. It reflects the world we live in and sadly acts as an echo chamber for the deviant screw ups populating our modern society. I said a bad word: deviant. There is no such thing as deviant. Everything is normal, and we should tolerate and approve all types. Relativism applies to all walks of life. Or does it? It's an accepting world, but how are oddities framed? The media in our negative society will invert anything they want to in order to push their narrative.

I don't understand foot fetish people. Feet are generally ugly. I'm a hater who doesn't understand them. A male foot fetishist wrote for YourTango to explain that foot fetish folks are normal, not deviant, and people giggle about them as the media usually reports on a man caught for getting a closer peek at women's feet. Not really. The last major public mention of foot fetishism involved Rex Ryan and was repeatedly called a safe, loving practice between a married couple. Psychology Today calls cuckolding kinky and a fetish, but not deviant. Cuckolds like that their wives sleep with other men, which in normal people's world is usually grounds for ending a relationship, even a marriage. If it's rare per Psychology Today, isn't it deviating from the norm? BDSM has hit the mainstream with the publishing of 50 Shades of Grey, and trusty YourTango is there with an article on it from a lady who likes it rough. She not only loves it, but BDSM makes sex better than the normal routine. While more intense and enjoyed by fewer people, it is not deviant. She never questions if she is sick or underlying psychological causes, instead she writes, "I am giving him some part of myself I've never given anyone before. Even if he doesn't know that, I do, and it makes it feel special". It's about adrenaline and even cool with her feminism. I won't waste time discussing homosexuality, as any television show will explain how awesomely normal it is and somehow even better than fuddy duddy monogamous heterosexual love. 

Google "men like young women". Over 766,000,000 hits return. Let's review page one of Google's returns. A cute Asian lady type writes at YourTango that it's a mid-life crisis, that a man wants another child, or that he'll think a woman his age is like his ex-wife. Another YourTango writer says that it's not the stereotypes for why older men like younger women; it's the connection. Young lasses are all about making a connection, which is what older men want. Ask Men says dating younger women will end badly because it is for all the wrong reasons. A HuffPo essay says men wanting younger women is a myth due to some thing she did for a speed dating thing. Anecdotal PROOF is that her husband is 2 year younger than her, but guys said they want a younger babe because older gals are too set in their ways. A Yahoo article by a divorced woman says she married a man 12 years older, but it didn't work out and she cites Hugo Schwyzer as saying it hurts everybody. Hold on, she cited a known fraud and pathological liar. At least she quotes a Psychology Today writer who says it is natural and about biology. A black guy, turning 29 again, types that he doesn't trust them or can handle them. Jezebel says it is about an aging man's desire to feel he's still got it. Notice any missing reason for this phenomenon? Hmmm, what is it? We'll get to that. Besides the black guy's blog post, all the authors are women. I guess asking a man to explain why he'd date a younger woman is not on the YourTango editors' list for appropriate male writing subjects but explaining his normal, benign foot fetishism is.

All these articles avoid biological attraction and the spark of lust. They all are coming up with wonderful psychological and socially constructed reasons why older men want younger women. Some specifically harp on middle aged men, while others will mention any age gap as "odd". It's all unnatural in the eyes of these writers. There is something wrong with them, and they are deviating from the norms of these authors. Some imply dating much younger women might even be perverted. I did not deliberately look for YourTango articles, but it is a popular relationships site. Readign these links, that site pushes a message to accept the oddballs and never questions their deviance or the psychological problems underlying the fetish. It saves that for men dating younger women. Even while discussing the incredibly natural attraction that older men feel for younger women (and vice versa), the writers never come out and say it is for purely physical reasons. It is for physical reasons because youth and beauty are a natural pair.

Let me use a short visual comparison. Here's Christie Brinkley in 1979.

Why did I pick that one? Jesus Christ, I remember that Sports Illustrated in my Grampa's shed, but in reality, it's because she was 25. Here she is with her magnificent aging and nicely done plastic surgery...

She is gorgeous, yet every man is going to pick 25 year old Brinkley over 59 year old Brinkley. She was also the absolute peak for hot blond in the '80s. That's why she's Chevy Chase's fantasy interloper in National Lampoon's Vacation. If her fantastic aging still cannot hold a candle to what she was at 25, how will any average American woman compare to a gal 10-15 years their junior? She won't. That is why she is reading those "Why Do Older Men Date Younger Women" articles. Men don't read them because they know why. Men are physically attracted to younger women. Always have been, always will be. We are constantly told how much more mature women are compared to men, which is why they seek older partners. Note that none of the page one search results focus on the small age differential that commonly happens, focusing instead on wide age gaps. A slightly odler male with a younger female is normal and why insurance companies use "average male age minus 3" to estimate average spouse age of a risk pool, but this natural attraction is written about as if it were a deviant condition.

Go to Dalrock for the numbers, but older men do not read those articles because the numbers favor them. They are too busy dating if they are alive. The media does not want the truth out there. The media needs to slip the rationalization hamster food into every relationship article. What is worse is that they have stretched their night is day game into the most natural and oldest of realms. Accept the broken loonies as perfectly normal and curse those straight men just looking for a hot young thing. Financially or sexually, those old straight men are always ruining your life.


DCThrowback said...

I saw ad on Tosh.0 last night for Cougar Life, which attempts to match young men and older women (starring ex-pornstar Julia Ann). I suppose this might work if it's for sex only or for betas who get rejected too often by women their own age, but I can't see that getting larger than a small niche in the online relationship biz.

Son of Brock Landers said...

Terrible. I can see it being good if a guy is just trying to have continuous sex with anything and not looking for anything long term. There's a nice crop of yoga toned divorced ladies out there. Still it's a needle in a haystack and they probably all want to have sex but with the lights off and wearing something that covers their waist.

The coincidence of YourTango calling everything normal and not delving deep into oddities while crushing men dating younger women was too good to pass up.

odinslounge said...

An acquaintance of mine recently got married. She's 23, fit as can be, has genuine hobbies, and is fluent is several languages(you can guess she's not American obviously).

She married a guy 16 years older. I counciled against it cause he doesn't impress me, but I can't say he didn't at least get a good catch.