Friday, October 04, 2013

Child Soldiers are OK Now

Remember that two minute care that the left generated with the Kony 2012 campaign? Forget it. Child soldiers are now acceptable for Chad, South Sudan, Yemen, the Congo and Somalia. Obama declared it in our national interest to put blinders on to the barbaric behavior of these specific national governments (I thought Somalia was in stateless anarchy?). In reality, a piece within Washcorp declared it in our national interest to aid these child soldier recruiting third world governments in their fights against other warlords. The monster that is USG will send aid to those nations (nonlethal defense aid) and the media will stay silent.

This is just an extreme version of the leftist, "evil procedures are OK when our assigned friends perform the evil acts". Racial consciousness, ethnic pride, useless filibusters, and even mono-racial family films that depict other races in two dimensional stereotypical roles are acceptable if they are part of the progressive family. Recruiting children to engage in acts of violence involving automatic weapons is bad when the kids are fighting for an unapproved warlord. Chad is a corrupt dictatorship that outside institutions call a failed state. The South Sudan is a newly formed failed state. Hmm, both Chad and South Sudan are oil producers. A nation does not have allies, only interests. Yemen is an active war zone for the United States with drone strikes all over that nation. Somalia and the Congo are hell-holes better discussed elsewhere (Congo at Radish). These five nations get a pass because the leviathan that is the USG says so, and the media will not gin up a massive outburst of righteous anger from the American population.

Therein lies the key to who runs the show. Our media has blessed this government exception. The media can brush this off as a tough reality of sub-Saharan Africa. The media can also blame it somehow on the legacy of colonialism, but something tells me the British did not recruit kids, hop them up on drugs and tell them to shoot up and rape villages. In a sane world, we would consider child soldiering a horror carried out by barbarians and support for it reprehensible, not a necessity to a poor ally and tough call by bureaucrats in DC. In a better world, we would not be told to hate one man using and abusing kids while the media turns a blind eye to other men for doing the same thing. At the least, those warlords would have to fend for themselves without the seat of the Empire deciding who wins and who loses. Always about politics and power, never about beliefs or principles. Humpty Dumpty Progressives.

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Paul K said...

It's funny how things drop off the media screen as if they never happened. Last spring the daily hysteria was about North Korea and its impending launch of a nuclear war. Then the Boston bombing happened, and North Korea dropped off the media's radar screen. Is Kim Jong-un waiting for a slow news week to pop up again?