Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Where Pressure on Women Works

Google "media pressure on women". Search results will be well over 250,000,000. Scholarly papers pop up on self esteem and body image. Jezebel even published an article on French women smoking to remain thin, therefore killing themselves to be thin. Jezebel does not write it to make their readers feel better about pressure because their readers don't fall for it. They want an excuse for being chubby, to feel good for not smoking and to rail on the patriarchy. Look around America, and this immense pressure is not working. Not on feminists (Jezebel). Not on the fatties. Not on the poor. Not on the rich. Not on the careerists. Not on the women brainwashed to not want kids. The steady drumbeat to lose an extra 10 pounds or to do yoga to tone does work on a certain subset of women. The competition between these women is immense.

The pressure to stay looking young, to stay thin, to stay attractive, and to dress sexy is on the sliver of women who are:

1. Attractive
2. Appreciative of the value of a unified family
3. Aware of the promiscuity of their competition
4. Seeking a family
5. Cognizant of living standards dropping after divorce because alimony and/or child support is OK but they've seen plenty of divorced women suffer significantly after a split.
6. With a partner/husband who has value to other women (options he may not realize, but she knows)

It's a small pool. It feels like a niche market because of the high amount of women who now fall into the first list. A woman on food stamps has Uncle Sam taking care of her, and due to relaxed social mores can have plenty of no strings attached sex and a variety of vibrators to acquire (no more discreet Brookstone massagers). Fatties can use sex to persuade someone. The rich need no one. Careerists can always find an older man if need be. True they are all lonely independent women whether by choice or by force. They don't worry about competing because their goal is not family formation with a guy who can get them to a safer socioeconomic level. The remaining women who are in that competitive pool are definitely in an arms race.

Check out the moms at a little league game in a middle and upper middle class area. Go to a neighborhood BBQ (they still exist) or a subdivision event. It will be MILF central. My dad has started to call breast implants HELOCs and 401ks as codes for how they paid for them. They are the moms who rocked velour track suits 10 years ago or wear really hot outfits to take their kid to the subdivision green space. The pressure on them is real and reinforced by their peer group's actions. The analogy I'll make is that these moms are playing on the select youth travel baseball team with $200 bats and private pitching and hitting coaches, while the other women are playing in a 'we don't keep score, everyone gets a trophy' league. It is a bifurcated market where the players at one level feel the heat from their peers while the rest pop out 2.3 kids, take their money from Uncle Sam and pack on 25 pounds.

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Anonymous said...

while the rest pop out 2.3 kids, take their money from Uncle Sam and pack on 25 pounds.
I would have been Happy with only 25 pounds, Both wives gained at least 80 pounds.
The second wife the adulteress, packed on over a hundred.