Monday, September 02, 2013

Red Empire, Blue Empire + Snowden

The Foseti post on Snowden got me to circle back and fine tune a theory on it. It's the red/blue divide theory I considered as one option. Spotlighted by the blues (press division), Snowden becomes a game piece for blue empire against the red empire. Media reports on it and yells at him, but really the publicity is all good to shape public opinion to get Congress to act and curtail or codify what is and is not allowed. Greenwald becomes the rogue reporter, and the media can dutifully report on it as a betrayal but with nuance mention that maybe it's time to curtail some systems and mechanisms. The push will be to end or curtail domestic spying. They need you fair citizen to override the MI complex dollars that pour into politicians' coffers. This is important for team blue. If the contractors like Booz could access anything, how many guys have whatever they want at their fingertips on anyone? Now give that info to a specific business interest to use against a politician. You've given Red interests a bigger piece of the government looting pie as well as access, influence or even control without paying for it.

The Pentagon and the MI business interests that benefit from it's efforts are a pretty powerful bunch. What type of handle does Congress have over their efforts? Two committees? There is no oversight. A friend worked for Senator Feinstein and is still connected with the Dems was disgusted by how even she would bend over when the men with the boards and stars walked in or gave a presentation. In our world of credentials and deferring to any type of authority whether medical, academic or financial, the same goes for warfare. A general walking in with threat probabilities and matrices is just like a scientist walking in with his climate change charts. After 9/11, no one wants to be considered weak on terror and national security. That event has become our "Who lost China?" No one wants the blame for when it happens; think Sandy Berger destroyed files for no reason? The Red pieces of USG have had a good run. Tell me, when was the last time Red didn't have any fun or was denied? The peace dividend cutbacks? Seawolf's cancellation? It's been a good run for them, and with DARPA projects and other budget nuggets, they've found ways to incorporate the IT nerds. Blue and red are still just pieces to the big grey government.

America is approaching a debt ceiling kabuki theater sequence. The Feds are also fending off foreign creditors who are dumping treasuries in larger numbers. If the USG needs to be pared back, why not discredit the expensive and illegal intelligence gathering apparatus for a war on terror that seems to have been dialed back since we're partnering with Al-Qaeda now. Snowden leaks continue to roll out and get press. What else was leaked to the press through Snowden? The US intelligence black box budget.  Let the press mold public opinion that the intelligence community has too much power, too wide of a reach and is breaking the law so that the blue elements of USG can slice at the NSA first before touching precious blue projects. You think all of the "on food stamps but starving" articles are to spotlight the plight of the poor obese underclass? It's about protecting programs and access to the loot.

It is not just money though. Access, influence and control are factors. How does the NSA, PRISM and domestic spying on all communications fit in? Obama went from pushing more Afghani drone strikes, pulling out of Iraq as fast as possible, considering Af-pak the entire theater of operations and resisting an Afghan surge to drones all over the globe, overthrow dictators, Afghan surge, Iraq per the Bush withdrawal timetable and Libya-to-Syria arms movements that would make Ollie North proud. Must just be coincidental how Obama sealed every potential record of his past, campaigned as a peace candidate, but then turned into a drone striking, nation invading, CIA fomented rebellion funding hawk? We've ended the war in Iraq and are unwinding the Afghan surge yet the DoD budget still looks safe (sequester hits them like everything else). If the NSA listening machine is shut off on domestic targets, it becomes safer for our human politicians to only be beholden to the interests who fund their campaigns and know their problems, not the other side. Political favors should have to be paid for, not scooped through data dragnets. Listen up military industrial and intelligence sectors of the economy. If you want to have your way with politicians, you got to do it the democracy approved, old fashioned way. Buy it.

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