Thursday, September 12, 2013

Prius 3D Dashboard Display

The Toyota Prius has a 3d dashboard display. It is placed out far in front of the driver and monitors everything one may want to know about gas consumption and electric vs. internal combustion engine use. It looks futuristic. It has symbols, electric gauges and tells you a lot of information. It is similar to many other new vehicle dashboards for information, but the presentation is better and information is slightly more detailed.

My marketing friend has a Prius. A public employee I know has one. I know an artist who has one. They have no mechanical car sense. Those displays do not help them hyper-mile (not that they would be that extreme). That dashboard display is not to instruct them about gas consumption. A simple mpg monitor display as found in new Chevy SUVs would accomplish that. The display is to soothe the driver's mind about their gas use as it conflicts with the environmentalism. It is to tell them that they are on the cutting edge of technology and intelligent unlike the simple minded, non-hybrid drivers. It appeals to their vanity and conspicuous environmentalism.

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