Friday, September 13, 2013

Note on '70s Cover + Party Bands

If you go to a small casino, middling bar or on a booze cruise, there is a good chance that the live music entertainment will be a '70s cover or party band. They all are white guys in '70s garb with cheeseball names like "Motor Booty Affair". Without a doubt, the lead singer or guitarist will rock the curly permed hair, giant sunglasses and facial hair ensemble. My wife has no clue why the cover bands rock this aesthetic because she knows '70s Mom rock and then the heavier stuff with lead singers like Robert Plant and Roger Daltrey. The perm is present for many '70s rock bands, but the shades and beards are not. There is a man who rocked all three throughout the '70s. She does not know the highly successful, music nerds who tricked mainstream listeners into buying their music: ELO.

Shades, beard and permed hair. No one will know I'm ugly.

ELO's lead singer was Jeff Lynne. The man always rocked with shades, curly hair and a beard. He is the figure these '70s party bands are channeling. The bands have a member copying Lynne, yet they never play ELO music. They will always play KC and the Sunshine Band's tunes and "Play That Funky Music White Boy". These bands will persist with the last gasp being this decade as we are in a '70/'90s nostalgia wave. The late Boomers and old Gen-X crowd that remembers these songs is in their mid 40s to mid 50s. Once they stop hosting parties or being the main ticket purchasers of booze cruises, the '80s cover bands will dominate. The '80s cover bands have been popular in recent years and will continue to be well liked as they represent the last era of pop music not influenced by hip-hop. Before Simon LeBon wannabes annoy me on corporate booze cruises, I will toast a drink to the Jeff Lynne copycats fronting Fresh Funk Boogie Fever.

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