Monday, September 23, 2013

Long Experiment on Sports Genes

How much of sports performance is due to genetics and are we on our way to an athlete caste? Genes play a huge role, but we do not want to admit it because of what it might say about other areas of competition. An athlete caste is likely on the way. We should see this come into play more as the premium on a physical edge increases. Just how many people can run a 4.6 or be 6 foot 3 and add lots of muscle? Now be both. There might be a real life laboratory for sports gene testing in the household of Brynn Cameron.

Brynn Cameron is a 5 foot 10 former basketball player for the USC Trojans' women's team. She was a scholarship athlete and very attractive. Her brother Jordan Cameron is an NFL tight end who has a nice blend of height, strength and speed. The test of genes and sports will be with her sons, not due just to mommy, but due to their dads. Son number one is the son of Matt Leinart. Leinart was a pretty amazing college quarterback who had flashes of awesome as a rookie, but was unseated by one of God's answered prayers to Kurt Warner in Arizona. He never quite got it together with constant discussion of his lack of focus and satisfaction with being a handsome, millionaire athlete. Leinart is 6 foot 5, has a 36 inch vertical, decent arm, and has a good quarterback build. Their combined DNA should be good for molding a professional athlete of some sort.

Not to be outdone, Ms. Cameron has been hard at work gold-digging and seducing. She recently had a son with Blake Griffin. Griffin is the high flying power forward for Team Lob (the Clippers). Griffin is 6 foot 8.5, solid build, vertical of 35.5 (wait that's Leinart's, too?), and is an ugly guy a few years younger than Ms. Cameron. Griffin plays in Los Angeles, which last I heard has millions of attractive women in and out of the city looking for an 'in' with Hollywood. He was shagging an older woman with a kid. Come on Blake, wrap it up! She timed the baby just right as Blake's extension worth $16 million alone next year, escalating to $21 million in year five, is ready for some child support splitting. She was getting $15,000 a month from Leinart, but he's been cut by Bills, earning NFL paychecks is in his past. Brynn sure knows how to pick them.

Maybe Ms. Cameron will not go all Marinovich on the boys and push them into professional sports. She might also consider the genetic head start she has with these two and see how their 2 year old check up charts read for height. Some 99 percentile readings and quick reflexes might persuade her to spend more time with daddy and a private coach. Cameron herself was a division one athlete. Leinart is done with his career, what else does he have to do? Griffin will be done before his kid hits 10 (seriously, he is injured often). They have the genes, and they have the in-house coaching. Will they walk that path? Will they make it? We will see. If I had to bet on two brothers both earning division one scholarships, there is not another family I would bet on in front of these two half-brothers. The Cameron household will be a long form experiment on the hereditary nature of sports genes.


peterike said...

Griffin is half-black as well, which adds another genetic whiz-bang on the athletic side, though it probably means Son 2 is going to be pretty stupid.

Far as the whoring Ms. Cameron goes... nice rack.

Black Sea said...

The ability to play in the NFL is almost ridiculously genetic. There are plenty of examples, but probably none better than Clay Mathews: son, grandson, nephew, and brother of NFL players. Both his father and his uncle played for 19 seasons, which is some kind of tribute to the influence of good genes in and of itself.

Son of Brock Landers said...

Yes, the premium for size and speed has made it incredibly related to physical gifts. The NBA is actually height lottery as evident by Lebron James 5'1" momma. Jackpot. Same for most NBA players since so much depends solely on height. The NFL may create the caste faster. The Matthews clan is amazing as grampa played, sons Bruce + Clay played for over a decade a piece, and grandsons Clay Jr., Casey and one of Bruce's sons play in the NFL. On top of that, Clay has another son at USC, and Bruce has two sons at Texas A&M where the older one looks to be a lock for a top 10 pick. Amazing.