Thursday, September 26, 2013

Cheating, Beating and Male Privilege

I previously wrote on Thibault Hutin's stupidity with cheating Martina Hingis. She and her mom and mom's boyfriend attacked him in a violent showdown. The quote I find interesting is the translated phrase, "My upbringing forbids me to beat women". In the context of the group assault on him, this statement reveals a lot. The white, straight male Hutin sits atop the privilege hierarchy in the minds of Tumblr's social justice crew, so cuckoldry and assault do not exist for him. Let's see how that hierarchy and societal conditioning worked for Hutin.

Here is a man cheated on multiple times, who gets into an argument with his soon to be ex-wife and a group of three people (two being women) pounce on him. He is beaten so badly that he ends up tossed out of a window head first. Hutin did not defend himself because his upbringing forbid him from beating women. I wonder if his upbringing programmed him to forgive her for cheating on him when he caught her red handed a year or so ago. Maybe that is just an excuse for why he got beat down, but a 3-on-1 attack is a tough spot. This guy is soft and a whiner, but he is a product of his family and society. In progressive thought, it works for thug and murder, so why not whining equestrian riders and doemstic attacks?

Is he not allowed to defend himself? Does a group attack involving even one woman mean he must huddle up like a turtle? The concept of not hitting women is so ingrained in him that he doesn't defend himself. It all sounds a bit weird, but as seen across America, how many women would use their dainty hands to slap or a weapon to hit a man if they didn't have the state behind them to automatically cart away the bigger participant in the dispute? Think tubby Amber Portwood slaps her 300 lb baby daddy on national television if the courts were not so active as to turn a small, domestic dispute into a legal system maze, affecting their family for two full years? No chance because chubbs Portwood does not step knowing full well the force of a 300 lb man not fearful of the Nanny State. The 300 lb fool did not hit her back because he knew the consequences. He has been conditioned. ANother straight, white male flexing privilege by being humiliated and struck on national television.

Wait, I am completely off-base here! There is still a patriarchy out there oppressing women in America and Western Europe, so keep your guard up ladies and callt he authorities at the slightest sign of attack or loosely defined creep behavior. Pay no attention to the woman who married a younger man, cheated on him, faced no consequences and then beat the crap out of him with her mom and mom's boyfriend. In our progressive utopia, Hutin is just another example of male privilege.

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