Friday, September 20, 2013

Brainwashed Out of Furs

Fur is murder!

"I wanted us to be the good guys." - club owner who barred Naomi Campbell from entering in a fur.

Twenty years ago, they were already questioning if it was economics or the PETA protestors that was driving the fur sales drop. The fashion industry sold $1.9 billion worth of furs in the US in 1989, yet only $1.27 billion in 2012. Adjusting for CPI, $1.9 billion in 1989 is $3.52 billion in 2012 dollars. That is a catastrophe.

What was the last fur ad you saw? These are from the 1970s. Was it selling or protesting furs? Those are not old ladies in the advertisements, so it is not a generational issue. Odds are, the last woman you saw in a fur was Carmella Soprano when Tony gave her that stolen full length mink. Fictional Tony is one of the few left who appreciate fur. The tastemakers thought fur horrible. Enough of the unwashed masses now reflexively believe furs are evil, and no longer a consumer purchase that signals that they have finally "made it". This is a shaming movement, but it is effective brainwashing. The urbanization of the US population helps chip away at the case that furs are a part of life with positives and negatives and have been used for centuries for clothing. Are furs anymore evil or cruel than countless other consumer goods and articles of clothing? Who decided that? Not the dead Congolese child Coltan miners that make your Iphone happen.

To answer New York magazine in 1994, not a chance.

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DCThrowback said...

The good news is if you wanted to bring fur back you have much of a lesser chance of some jackass trying to throw paint on you.