Monday, September 23, 2013

"Americans" and State Sponsored Terrorism

The mall massacre in Kenya is yet another reminder of the dangerous daily lives of the billions in the third world. It is also a reminder of the foot soldiers of Islam being at odds with the constantly stated status of Islam as a "religion of peace". These were Somali Muslim terrorists at work, but wait, the terror group, al-Shabaab, claims that Americans were part of their assault crew. Some were from Minnesota, Missouri and even Maine. One might think those boys from rural states stick out in east Africa. They do not. These are not the American tribes that war with each other in the political realm. These "Americans" are Somali-Americans. America and Americans are finding new definitions of what it means to be American and what it means to be a state sponsor of terrorism.

The Somali-American experience is similar to other current political asylum immigrant stories. Crappy third world country has a post-colonialism, destabilization period. The US enters the fray to help a side either unilaterally or with the UN. The media tells everyone how bad it is over there, and boom, we need to help these people. In America, the Somalis quickly learn the welfare game, move to safe states with great welfare programs, and pop out some anchor babies because that will secure their status. They do not get along and assimilate with African-Americans, which is odd because one of their first retail purchases is the latest black fad clothing. People mock whites and Asians who dress in "urban" gear, but nothing is phonier than a 6 foot 90 lb coal black Somali speaking a foreign tongue and rocking FUBU gear in Maine. In America, Somalis get welfare and a safe ride, but in Britain these asylum seekers get beaucoup benefits. The flow does not stop (Somalia, Sudan, etc.), and no one is allowed to stop it or even voice displeasure.

A leftist would argue that we're all immigrants, but seeing that the previous wave of immigration stopped in the mid 1920s and immigration was overwhelmingly from the same continent, this is not quite the same thing. Somalis inability to assimilate and the idiocy of allowing them to American shores is exposed through the al-Shabaab attack. A Minnesotan recruited by a terrorist group to fight back in the homeland for another country is not an "American". Even Irish-Americans, who incredibly fond of reminding people of their Irish ancestry, did not participate in IRA activities. Rahm Emanuel and his fellow American Jews have fought for the IDF, but that does not mean anything with regards to loyalty. This Somali conduit is not new as these Somali-Americans have been making a run for the homeland to fight or blow themselves up for jihad. Progressives use euphemisms for illegal immigrants and infiltrators like undocumented immigrant because within 10 years, they or their children will be a new grievance group that will have to find a voice in the political realm. They will be called just as American as you because they will vote, due to their welfare dependency, for the coming progressive utopia.

This is part of the lie. It is part of being the seat of the empire. It also might want to cause these progressives and their friends in the media and civil service pause. This might be a stretch, but is this not state-sponsored terrorism? State-sponsored terrorism has a wide definition, and that can be expanded to fit the needs of the speaker.

Also known as "state supported" terrorism, when governments provide supplies, training, and other forms of support to non-state terrorist organizations. One of the most valuable types of this support is the provision of safe haven or physical basing for the terrorists' organization. Another crucial service a state sponsor can provide is false documentation, not only for personal identification (passports, internal identification documents), but also for financial transactions and weapons purchases.

Eliminating the notion of time delay, these Somalis are allowed safe haven in the United States by the federal government over the wishes of the American citizenry. Initial arrivals give birth to future jihdists ambitious Americans who will enjoy the medical care of the first world. Through the use of government welfare, these Somalis receive housing, protection, and financial aid that we all know would have much more purchasing power in the third world. Their mosques and little Mogadishus would be safe locations to plot and strategize. These Somalis would be communicating and organizing using telecommunications that the US supposedly can read at will and will only do so if it is terror related. If the feds are not stopping these men, a failure to act or stop them condones or implies consent. If not, then maybe PRISM is an overpriced sham. America has aided groups that the left would label terrorist in the past to fight Communism. Obama has just waived special rules to aid known terrorist groups in Syria. These Somali-Americans are just taking the next step in the multicultural empire's odd course by being homegrown terrorists coddled and aided who return "home" spread ruin around the globe. It's the American way.

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peterike said...

The war on white people continues unchecked. And it isn't about to stop.

The next wave will be Syrian and other Middle Eastern refugees. And we will continue to see the steady stream of Africans arriving on our shores.