Monday, September 09, 2013

Advice to Greece

Greece is on what number bailout? Their third or fourth? It was reported that Santorini lost electricity. There was a fire, and the island went dark. Santorini is a beautiful island out of a Greek movie in your mind's eye. There are even black sand beaches. Rumors of selling expired food? Immigrants from awful Middle East and North African nations flooding in because of US inspired unrest? How far can one nation sink under the yoke of paid off bureaucrats, European banks and the mighty Anglo-American monetary system? Greece can keep playing the stick 'em up game with Germany but the pain will continue and the social fabric will unravel further. They need a new plan.

Where do the funds from bailouts go? They start out as government pledges backed by the taxpayers of wealthier nations and travel from supranational entities (like the IMF) down to the Greeks for a moment, then out to foreign debt holders (German banks, hedge funds in Connecticut, etc.). The IMF, ECB and EFSF are the last entities that can take initial haircuts on debt holdings, and Greece still isn't meeting bailout requirements. Germany has an election coming up. One doubts the German leadership's willingness to keep the morphine drip going. Harder times are coming so Greece can choose to either have their creditors impose a solution or attempt a solution themselves. From 5000 miles away, here's my amateur advice to senior Greek military leaders.

Greek generals and admirals, your nation faces cruelty imposed by foreign creditors and your own elite's greed. Some of you are culpable. As a satellite of the Anglo-American banking empire, you must realize that the jig is soon up on their end, so when that crumbles it will be early '70s all over again with the end of a financial order. Little Greece won't matter. You are a money laundering conduit for the current order's investor technostructure. You guys already forced a haircut on investors and are still screwed. Look just to your southeast. Notice the confrontational behavior of Russia and China towards the US. See all the boats?It's different from ten years ago. The game is changing. Get a jump on them. Take control of your future. Find new patrons.

Short Term
1. Reach out to police forces and those rambunctious, far right paramilitary organizations. I read there is decent overlap between those two groups. Secure cooperation for maintaining order and safety.
2. Have your Tresury order drachmas to be printed as a "precautionary measure".
3. Contact the Russians and Chinese. Become the new Cyprus for Russia. Solicit from the Chinese what their interests are in your recently found energy deposits. They've given Iraq some sweatheart deals for tapping their fields with better bids compared to US oil firms.
4. Call in shipping magnates. Strike a tax deal.
5. Coup step: once tax deal struck, remove civilian government from power of controlling security forces.
6. Using TV, radio, Internet, announce end of parliamentary politics. Rebuild Greece for the Greeks. Use this whenever discussing anyone else's interests whether banksters, Eurocrats, immigrants or the dreadful US government. Focus society on saving and rebuilding the nation; not pursuit of Iphones. All political parties' assets are confiscated unless they convert to charities involved with food distribution. Disband political parties. Reissue drachma. Cancel all bond payments and debt held by Anglo-American banking cartel and Northern European interests. Bonds held by Switzerland, Russia, and China are OK. Bonds held by other parties may be negotiated (Sovereign Wealth funds). Be vague about negotiation dates, delay = good. Cite how loans were made in bad faith as Wall Street banks had helped use CDS to make loans look less risky.
7. Set up soup kitchen style food centers, using unemployed Greeks under 30. You only have 11 million people with 4 mil in the Athens area.
8. Using law enforcement and far right paramilitary groups to recruit unemployed Greeks under 30 with tight SOP, remove illegals and deport all immigrants after 2004. Seal land border to the north because that is the prime spot where the US would sneak agitators in.
9. Fire all non-security and non-infrastructure public workers. Cut back universities to science, engineering, marine related subjects, and archaeology. Use public ee saved revenue to pay back Swiss pharma firms so you can keep medicines coming (you have accounts payable going back years). Simplify and hit the tax evading crew by offering flat tax with one big deduction. All tax evasion thereafter is punished by confiscation of property and public caning.
10. Keep the food, water and electricity flowing (better than now is key) while you negotiate bond write downs, use Chinese-Russian banks for financing advice and deport the riff raff.

Intermediate Term
1. Be honest about your country. You're a small time nation needing a patron with some peculiar advantages to build around. Repeat Pinochet's Chile slow overhaul, but never mention a restoration of voting or political parties. There will be huge changes to social welfare outlays (consider an annual minimum income approach). I'm sure ADP and unemployed IT workers could build you a system for the check clearing center you'll need. Make sure the food and electricity flows. Focus on law, order, security and "Rebuilding Greece for the Greeks". If you tell people the truth, they need a good object to direct their anger at, and who better than the Western bankers and governments using poor little Greece? Keep mentioning the evil Germans, Brits + Americans who were squeezing everyone for money. Blaming the US works in your part of the world very well.
2. Become Russia and China's military hub for the Eastern Mediterranean. The US has one base in Greece (on the island of Crete). They can vacate the premises.
2a. Give Russian and Chinese corporations the opportunity to bid on Aegean oil and gas leases that American companies have jumped on recently.
3. With a weakened drachma, turn to tourism for salvation. Legalize marijuana and prostitution, along the lines of the Dutch but no foreign imports. The islands of Greece become the Cancun of Europe (Crete is already, or was 10-15 years ago, Cancun for Russians). Properly managed, islands could become hedonistic free for alls.
3a. Agricultural products will be your key export. Due to neglect and urbanization, much of your agricultural land is now covered in forests and brush. Use your plentiful unemployed men to clear land.
4. With socialized medicine, basic security and a new tax system, islands not suited for spring break style set ups become retirement hubs. Set up easy retiree visa hurdles (flat fee for a passport, no criminal record, monthly income of X), but sequester them to the islands for residency.
5. Along the lines of islands designated for retirees, consider marketing an island or five as a tax reduced economic zone(s) for creative-IT-mindwork types. Still using the flat tax idea, phase in the taxes on an individual or company from 0 to 100% of whatever new flat tax level in 10% steps over a decade. Sunshine, legalized weed and little to no taxes for a decade should be enough to draw some highly skilled workers under 40.

You are exchanging one protector (Anglo-American banking + muscle) for another. There will be pain. How different fromt today? There will be gain. If you succeed, do not fret, because within 10 years the US will be courting you to become a client again. You will then have leverage on the Russians and Chinese. Ecuador is trying some of these movies by using Chinese money, wiping out 60% of their debts and opening the bidding on oil and gas development. Keep the electricity and food flowing and never mention politics. Rebuild Greece for the Greeks.


PRCD said...


I wonder if the entire idea of 'nation' is gone forever, though. Once you make a semi-livable country, won't the third-world hordes board a United flight and make a beeline for it? They even have third worlders showing up in China now.

Son of Brock Landers said...

Thanks. You're onto the modern problem of developed countries with the idea of a nation. Using the unemployed as immigration enforcement is part of the plan. If they make it by boat or plane, it's immediate denial. Greece has some advantages, but its elite seems content with earning scraps from what the banking cartel gives them rather than lead Greece for the Greeks.