Friday, September 06, 2013

A Big Missed Opportunity in Star Wars Episode Three

I've blogged before on what was wrong with the Star Wars prequels. There were many lost opportunities. Fans who grew up with the originals just have to accept that they were children's movies, and Lucas lost his touch when he decided to make Endor populated by ewoks instead of Wookie slaves working for the empire. I was discussing the missed opportunities in the prequels with a friend, and we both agreed that we will not show them to our kids. We questioned a 10 year old, and he said he would be fine with never seeing the prequels. As we were talking, I threw this idea out there. It's a time killer for a Friday.

Say Lucas does the right thing and has Anakin go rogue but hiding it in the middle of episode two. In episode three, Anakin abandons Natalie Portman who he knows is pregnant, but he doesn't know of the twins. She never finds out he becomes Vader. Later on in the 3rd film after the Jedi are all wiped out and the Empire has taken shape, when it's down to Yoda and Obi-wan left hiding Natalie Portman and the twins, Obi-wan has his showdown with Anakin and Anakin reveals he is Vader, Jedi murderer, and he wants his wife and kid. Obi-wan gives say, a smuggler buddy (Uncle Owen) and Portman directions to take off if it isn't him walking back tot he spaceship. Obi-wan and Anakin have their duel. Obi-wan comes back and then he and Portman meet up on Dagobah to pow-wow with Yoda and Jimmy Smits. They hide Portman and Leia with Jimmy Smits, and Obi-wan takes him to Tatooine with smuggler buddy (Uncle Owen).

Anakin has his final modification to add a mask to become Vader, a scene showing the toddler twins running around on their planets is shown to reveal time has passed. Then the Emperor sends a squad to Jimmy Smits planet. Smits thinks they are coming for him. Nope. They grab Portman and bring her back to Coruscant. She has an audience with the Emperor and Vader, who she doesn't know is her former love Anakin. The Emperor uses his lightning force bolts to torture the location of his son from her, but Obi-wan or Yoda would have memory wiped it on Dagobah. As she is being shocked to death, she cries out for Anakin, her powerful Jedi love who she always thought would protect her, unknowingly pleading for the man who is right beside the Emperor. Anakin/Vader watches as the Emperor kills her, standing silently besides the Emperor just like in Return of the Jedi. He would do nothing and let her die. Anakin has made his choice for power over love.

It would make the final redemption to save Luke, because remember 5 minutes before he kills the Emperor he was taunting Luke that he would turn his daughter, Luke's twin sister, to the dark side, all the more meaningful. Everyone would have walked out of the theater after episode three thinking what an evil, cold hearted bastard Vader was, making rewatching the originals more fun to root against Vader, unlike today where you think there is an emo whiner behind that mask.

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PeppermintPanda said...

The original trilogy doesn't work if the audience knows that Anakin Skywalker is Darth Vader.