Sunday, September 15, 2013

1955 Cheer Ad About Child Abuse

The little boy just spilled gravy on a tablecloth. His mom is of a high enough socioeconomic class to lay out a tablecloth for a meal she serves, but she gets angry easily. Her son does not see his mom get burned up and wonders what she will do. He knows. His friend knows. He was going to get it. "It" being a licking. Thankfully the other kid's mom was there to calm the child beating mom down with the good detergent. Buy Cheer so you don't beat your kids because kids talk. Even if whupping your kids is commonplace in your neighborhood, no one wants to beat their kids over things that simple Cheer can fix. Life is hard and you break down easy, so buy Cheer.

This advertisement would never happen now. First, only lower class ruffians hit their kids. Second, moms are forever portrayed as incredibly competent domestic goddesses that products only serve at their side not save from anger and bad behavior. Third, how many women cook meals at home that require gravy, use tablecloths and do the laundry? Products are not advertised as helping them avoid the dark side of their personalities. A mom is already great. Ads never show a mom angry or "burned up". When spills, tears and bad things happen, ad moms get that ">tilted head< you're annoying me you idiot, but I still love you" look. The product only supplements her quest for perfection to compete with other moms.

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