Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Why SWPLs Have Fewer Kids

SWPLdom is like a lot of other mental disorders in that there is a spectrum. Every white person who goes to college is a little bit SWPL. One thing that is visible as time passes is that SWPLs have fewer kids. Jim Goad wrote on the barren wombs of smart gals. Your simple Faceborg feed reveals those statistics in real time as you see your prole/vaisya friends celebrating new arrivals, discussing the joys of parenting (never the ills unlike TV shows), and having broods of kids while your SWPLs friends might get married by 30, might have one kid, or might share photos of their cat wearing a hat and drinking out of the water faucet (sooooo cute, LOL!). SWPLs do want kids no matter how hard they suppress the urge. The pet obsession is a surrogate activity, and the tension or pressure around finding a husband or having that one kid is the outlet and code activity for "The biological imperative will be satisfied". Some mainstream writers are right that it is due to time. The lack of SWPL procreation comes down to time and money. Because time equals money, it is money.

This is my blog, so of course I'd focus on money, but let me give time some credit. If a prole/vaisya is less likely to go to college, they start the life track 4 years earlier than SWPLs. That is four years to feel the pressure of conforming with a marriage, a home and kids. It's also four years of being a grown up. Considering the number of SWPLs who go to grad school, this clock can start 6-8 years earlier for proles/vaisyas. Science is wonderful, but there is only so much it can do for reproduction. That window closes on women far quicker than the media tells them, so each year delayed on the child track becomes one less year for the blessings of maternity. In reality, you can have a kid while getting a PhD or even an MD (know of two who did it). The problem is the SWPL hyperfocus on education consuming their time. Each year spent in college focusing on their career studying superhard knocks a potential pregnancy off a woman's potential tally. There's no study. I'm just using the idea of being pregnant for 9 months and then a couple of months for their cycles to restart.

A SWPL often comes from a decent home, but the defining feature and means of separation is their focus on education. SWPLs have BAs (they don't major in science heavy work for a BS). The SWPL will also seek private universities rather than be sucked into the big state universities that the prole/vaisya whites flocked to in the '90s/'00s. Any chance to claim minimal elitism and go to a private school is taken. Private universities cost more than state schools. An example is that one year at Wittenberg University in Ohio will cost $47K vs. $15K at Bowling Green University in Ohio. The chance to accrue more debt is high at private schools. The average student might have walked out of college in 2003 with $20,000 in loans, but the average SWPL, going to a private university from a family with decent means (therefore lower aid), accrues say $50,000 in undergrad student loans.

SWPLS often don't stop there. SWPLs pride themselves on graduate degrees. Education is their signal that they are the cream of the white crop. SWPLs may get 2 year MAs, a JD, an MBA, 3 year double MAs, joint JD-MBAs or PhDs. SWPLs might receive grants, but SWPLs make great loan recipients. Banks love them and love student loans due to the no-discharge feature. SWPLs might accrue an extra $50,000 or maybe even $100,000 to top off their student loans in the six figure range. The payoff of high earnings is not there. You might even join the 300K master's degree holders on food stamps. The ROI just isn't what it used to be from a pure monetary sense, but it's still there for status and ego boosting. Over the course of those degrees, a SWPL might find the perfect mate and want a kid, but even if they get a decent job there is still the problem of those student loans. These are financially prudent people compared to the lower classes. The loans take a new role. They become a child.

From a financial perspective it makes perfect sense. For comparison: student loans of $100,000 in total are financed out over 20 years at 7%, creating a total expenditure of $186,000. This is only using $100K as the financed amount. It is reported that parenting costs $235,000 over 17 years. Planned on 3 kids? You can afford only 2. Plan on 2? Now just 1, and if you thought of 1, well forget it. Their education becomes their other child. This makes sense with their priorities. Beyond money, this reflects their cultural norms. Educational achievement is where they derive their status, pride and joy. Their degrees are framed and displayed. They discuss their degrees, their professors, their education up at parties, at work, and in social settings. Do SWPLs hate kid stories? Believe me, we all hate your grad school stories. SWPLs roll their eyes and scoff at people who have kids, in SWPL words, "just to have kids and fit in" and only discuss their kids, all the while not realizing they do the same thing with their 10 years of hard academic labor culminating in a dissertation on "Microaggressions in the Music of Bob Dylan". Having kids and raising a family is a biological and natural process. Going to college for 6-8 years is an artificial activity that SWPLs engage in and are pressured by the peer group to conform. The time and monetary life investment mainstream society puts into children SWPLs have redirected into educational achievement. Let us go "trans" for a second and look beyond borders of species and life. A SWPL family is not a traditional family but has the same family financial responsibilities. SWPLs don't raise an only child. A SWPL couple raising an only child is really a family of four: mom, dad, child and educational self-actualization.

Update: SWPL women who marry seem to marry SWPL men, more than SWPL men marry SWPL women. An odd issue is SWPL men marrying for the assortive mting educational attainment peer unlike their forefathers. Amazing how peer pressure works.


Anonymous said...

SWPLs live in expensive urban areas, because that's where the SWPL jobs are. Everybody, including Shaneequa, has fewer kids in the big smoke.

Anonymous said...

I call bull on the $233,000 figure to raise a child. That figure includes the cost of daycare, and the opportunity cost of a parent not working for income.

We raised 6 to adulthood, and it did not cost $1,200,000. Back in the mid 80's when we were expecting our fourth, I was told that it cost $200,000. Has inflation really been that little in the last 25 years.

That cost figure is bullshit! It's a convenient out for people who don't want kids.


PRCD said...

Raising kids is hard. It requires faith, fortitude, and putting yourself last. SWPLs are simply not up to it. Personally, I'm rejoicing in their demographic doom.

"But they can just convert your kids!" your reply. No, they cannot. People who are truly traditionalists and not CINOs take extreme measures to isolate their kids ideologically and even physically from Nanny State nannies in the public schools. The CINOs do not - they just burp about 'Merica and get back to their distractions while the TV and shitlibs in the government schools raise their kids.

Son of Brock Landers said...

I started doing the math myself, and yeah, both of you are right, the cost figure must be some more propaganda by the media for not having kids. I can't reconcile that 235K figure when every year they are a nice deduction on your taxes, and for several years they were a tax credit.

Raising kids is rewarding work and requires a person to love something more than themself. That is the problem for SWPLs.

Anonymous said...

"Raising kids is rewarding work and requires a person to love something more than themself. That is the problem for SWPLs."

Depends on how you want to raise your kids. Lot of people don't put in that much work and have great kids, or some god awful ones.