Saturday, August 24, 2013

They Predicted Warehouse Robots

The robots working this 1950s advertisement's warehouse are a bit more humanoid (they have heads) than the ones we have today. The concept is the same. In our infancy of thinking robots, we still had a drive to make one in our image even if modified similar to the belief that God made us in his image. Instead, we have the reality of today's robots that are machines suited for specific tasks. The humanoid ones are developed by DARPA, Honda's Asimo and the potential makers of sexbots. With how many men work in warehouses, one has to wonder where they thought people would be working in the future?

Oh that's right. We used to think humans would be in space in large numbers. It was the final frontier waiting for us as the deserts and jungles of the west were before the cold vacuum of space. At least we can hitch a ride with the Russians for space station trips.

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