Tuesday, August 06, 2013

SWPLs With Pitbulls

Small update from a couple of SWPL friends who own pit bulls. She is a SWPL in the arts community, who has a decent head on her shoulders. He is slacker SWPL. She has a steady job. He bounces between work. They each had one pit bull a piece. After being together for a year, they bought a pit bull together. Cheaper than an engagement ring, and it's a step forward in commitment, right? Sounds like a good idea until you realize a 120 lb ballet instructor is going to be walking three pit bulls at once if she's the only one home at night. Times got tough. They had a money issue and had to stop renting their home with a big yard. Uh oh, where could they rent? The pit bulls found them a place.

Cute and cuddly
That was the last I had heard from them for months. They ended up connecting with my wife and I, and we got the full lowdown. The pit bulls didn't find them a place but forced a place on them. There was only one apartment complex on their side of the city that rented to pit bull owners. Shucks. They had to go there. Being confined to an apartment, the pit bulls got a bit overexcited and bit the male SWPL. A trip to the ER, and he was patched up. Oh noes, scary! They didn't blame the dog, and kept all three pit bulls. I kept a Jean Claude Van Damme stone face. They followed up that tale with a complaint about how their fellow renters don't pick up after their dogs. The courtyard is full of dog shit. They complained to the complex superintendent, but he said it was the owners responsibility. In that guy's defense, he mows that courtyard. The complex is really loud and noisy at night. It just isn't all that nice but they do have a lot of fellow pit bull owners. That is when they hit us with it. See, they are the only people in the complex of their "socioeconomic class". Exact phrase used. I excused myself to get a refill on my drink. I have a poker face, but I'm not Doyle Brunson.


Chuck said...

I identify with the stone cold poker face that only lasts up to a point. I've developed mine at the restaurant dealing not just with customers but also co-workers who have mindsets similar to your friends'.

Anonymous said...

I know of two instances where a white girl's lovable pitbull lost its shit and killed some toy dog. Both pitbulls got put down.

Son of Brock Landers said...

@Anon - I'm amazed how this couple suffered an attack and kept all 3 dogs. The guy has a scar on his face, and they now force themselves to walk the dogs everyday. It'll make a fun winter.

@Chuck - The poker face is sadly in use more and more these days. I get away with a lot of jokes, statements and questions, but certain friends of my wife are off limits. The arts community is full of SWPLs and full on lib-idiots.

Anonymous said...

Strange how SWPL's will buy a dog that has a history of being bred for psychotic behavior. That said, Pits from hog hunting "catch dog" lines should be pretty safe and reliable since they have to work in close proximity to the trailing hounds. I'm sure the breeders did a lot of culling in the process of establishing those lines.

PRCD said...

SWPLs have dogs instead of kids. The male SWPL is now the beta and will have future problems with the alpha dog.

Pitbulls are not for owners who are poor at establishing themselves as leader of the pack.

Sounds like this is a match made in heaven for owners and dogs alike.

peterike said...

At least she has the three pit bulls to protect her from getting raped by members of a different "socioeconomic class," which would surely happen otherwise, and might just still.