Monday, August 26, 2013

Society's Labels for Men

If a man likes working out, he's a narcissist.

If a man with grey or no hair buys a sports car, he's an old man, struggling with a midlife crisis.

If a man buys an SUV, he's an overcompensating loser.

If a man isn't married by 35, he is a little boy afraid of commitment.

If a man won't marry a single mom, he won't man up.

If a man works 50 hours a week, he's a workaholic.

If a man plays video games after age 22, he's a man-child.

If a man likes dating younger women, he is an immature creep that can't handle a woman his age.

If a man drinks during the workweek, he might be a drunk.

If a man gives a woman unwanted attention, he's a creep. If at work, he's fired.

If a man doesn't pay for a date, he's a cheapskate.

If a man is home when his daughter has a sleepover, he's a molestation threat.

If a man likes thin, feminine women, he's a brainwashed size-ist.

If a man has a deep, meaningful friendship with another man, he's a closet case.

If a man wants his lower earning wife to stay home after she has kids, he's a patriarch limiting the freedom of women to be themselves.

If a man buys a slightly smaller than expected engagement ring, he might not be right for you.

If a man discourages promiscuous behavior and values chastity, he is a slut-shaming oppressor.

If a man likes the look of 18 to 21 year old women, he's a borderline pedo.

If a man treats you like a lady, he is a pal, buddy and good ol' friend.

If a man works hard with adult pursuits and can't keep up with the latest pop culture, he's an out of touch doofus.

If a man has sex with other men, he's a fabulous accessory for young women to treat like a chihuahua.

If a man fights for custody of his kids, he's a second class citizen.

If a man wants to cut his dick off, slap a wig on and destroy his male identity, he's a courageous, perfectly healthy, and mentally well adjusted saint.

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Great punch line!