Monday, August 12, 2013

Killing OBL to Work With Al-Qaeda

The other al-Qaeda shoe never dropped. After 9/11, we kept waiting. Opinion polls even showed Americans thought there had been no follow up, not due to US anti-terror + Afghan war efforts, but due to al-Qaeda patiently plotting. With many drone killings, captures and deaths, al-Qaeda pre-September 11th, 2001 was a shell of itself. It is more like a mafia where you can take out leadership, but it's still around due to other factors, plus it now is a brand. Capping Osama Bin Laden in May of 2011 was emotionally significant. We'll never truly know the whole story. Looking back on it with recent Middle East developments, the Red Empire needed OBL dead for their later efforts in the Middle East and North African (MENA) operations that would use al-Qaeda branded foot soldiers to overthrow and disrupt non-aligned autocrats.

Obama campaigned on killing OBL, but the idea that it was a gutsy call went from a potential marketing campaign to a joke as background information leaked out. The picture we have is that CIA head Leon Panetta (former GOPer, from the centrist Bob Strauss wing of the Ds) figured out how to get the OBL raid set up and completed over the objections of Obama's substitute maternal figure, Val Jarrett. We do know that for months our assets thought a tall walker at a compound in Pakistan might have been OBL. This is the same government that brags about a drone being able to take clear pics from thousands of feet in the sky and biometric face recognition tech, but they were only 80% sure of a 6'5" tall walker at the same spot everyday being OBL. We later received information that OBL was at the compound and acted on it after a delay to set up the mission + three different rejections by President Obama. The compound was a sweet set up in a 3rd world country in a city that houses Pakistan's military academies. Was OBL being protected by a section of the Pakistani elite that duels with the other pieces? Did the Pakistani Deep State aligned with Musharraf who has played nice with the US for aid tip us off and give us the information and green light? Think about it: we went 100 miles into Pakistan, conducting a raid and left the nation without Pakistan scrambling jets and shooting our men out of the sky. Did the Paki military give us the go since it is aligned with the US Red Empire elements through direct military friendliness and weapons deals? Hmm, like in Egypt's counter-revolution? There could definitely be back scratching, but I've noticed the Western media has dropped focus on "basket case" Pakistan despite it still being a hell hole with jihadis. The OBL raid was set up for months. It was not the only multi-month military, intelligence and security project.

The Arab Spring. That name alone, crafted by our media, suggests rebirth, a dawning, a positive turn in the Arab world. Did anyone ever really explain what they were protesting over? Seems like it was food inflation and food price volatility more than anything. When you are dealing with nations where food makes up a high percentage of expenditures, food inflation will make people hungry. Hungry people protest for food from whatever authority. Maybe Bernanke and Wall Street set this table up. The US could half-heartedly negotiate with Mubarak in Egypt as our client, but not Qadaffi. Qadaffi's troubles started in February of '11, and US NATO led forces entered the fray at the end of March '11. We could just update the old "Bay of Pigs" formula, except this time add in a no fly zone and air support to tilt the table in our proxy's favor. The Libyan conflict took months, not days, and the extended coverage revealed that there may be some al-qaeda elements infiltrating the rebels, 'flickers' really. It is more like al-Qaeda elements were the rebels. The US public could be confused and distracted by that great news that OBL was dead, and Obama said al-Qaeda was gone!

Syria's internal conflicts started in 2011 as well. The US has given humanitarian aid to rebels aligned groups, but no arming overtly, right? Hmm, back to Benghazi, Libya where our post was attacked. If Benghazi was a station for shipping arms and missiles from Libya to Syrian rebels with plenty of dialogue and communication between the US and al-Qaeda, let's be thankful that OBL is dead. Libya was a relatively quick brawl with a media far more compliant because they wanted their boy Obama re-elected. Syria has dragged on, and Russia and China have been far quicker to react to a client being overthrown. Assad also learned from Qadaffi's death and isn't going without using extreme measures. The problem with the rebels is that things have taken so long that the media cannot hide the fact that they are ragtag bands of jihadis, islamists and al-Qaeda branded elements. Hell, they upload Youtube videos themselves to manipulate the media only to see it backfire. Whatever happened at Benghazi and why is something the CIA is working pretty hard on keeping under a lid. We'll also be advising on training and providing technology to the new Libya now.

That is the same CIA that was led by Panetta when OBL was iced. Petraeus took over at the CIA roughly as Panetta switched to be the Secretary of Defense. Those are two Red Empire leadership roles right there. Petraeus executed the surge in Iraq, was chief of CentCom, took a leadership role in Afghanistan, so he, like Panetta, had to have a pretty good idea of what was going on in the MENA theater, our goals, our strategy and where things were headed. How could they incite unrest in nations cheaply, with Muslim assets and with the religious zeal of the fighters and suicide bombers they've seen the last ten years? Grab jihadis under the al-Qaeda banner to topple secular leaders of Muslim nations. Toppling secular dictators is one of the phases in al-Qaeda's strategy for establishing a caliphate. It won't be American boots on the ground, but we'll control the skies and supply those psychos.

It's late 2010/early 2011, and the DoD guys look at the MENA map for the next couple of years. The US Red Empire needs to sell arms and destroy, the Blue Empire likes the idea of new clients aligned with US State, the billionaire sovereign wealth funds ruling families in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Qatar want to see their brand of Islam spread, al-Qaeda hates the secular autocrats but the American people just won't buy it with OBL still alive and nominally the leader of al-Qaeda whom we would be using as mercenaries. Here's how I envision the pitch...

"Assalam-o-alaykum. Did I pronounce it right? It has been pretty rough for you guys with the jihadis, our drones ruining weddings and now this post-Bhutto assassination democracy flap. You guys are flailing. You know we're leaving your area soon, so that's a good bump for you, and you guys can get back to working the Afghanis over, but isn't ISI a bitch? How many jihadi supporting ISI guys you got now?... Too many. Hell, you're moving nukes in vans. Yeah, we know about it. We can help. We've found a way to drain a lot of jihadis away from your country - No we're not re-invading Iraq! - so that when we leave Afghanistan, those psycho-Sunnis have a new place to do the jihad. There's just one little issue. We need OBL. Can you just confirm some things about that compound in Abottabad? Confirm that, and we'll take thousands of jihadis out of Pakistan for safe use elsewhere. I can't say where, but our public can't stand for US boots on the ground anymore. We need a road crew. You can pretend to be angry at us when we get him, but with fewer jihadis, won't the enlightened pussies in your country need you for law and order? The $2 billion will still flow. Just make sure you keep the jet crews grounded if a radar shows a flock of fast moving seagulls."

Pakistan's Red Empire aligned elements would jump on that. Yes, the three headed bitch talked or nagged Obama into war in Libya, but who put it into their head that this was possible and would have political and media cover? Hillary isn't dumb, and she was also one of the advisers supporting Panetta's OBL raid idea. We didn't kill OBL as a dog and pony show for American viewers, the upcoming election or the War on Terror. Osama himself had become largely symbolic yet his organization and call to arms still live in the minds of young Muslims. We killed him so we could work with a rebranded al-Qaeda. The leviathan rolls on.

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klejdys said...

Excellent theory. Give our power elite credit - they are may be bad at The Great Game, but at least they thinking 2 to 3 steps ahead.