Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Joyce McKinney + Boogie Nights

If you have Netflix, check out Tabloid. My wife selected it,a nd I expected something lame about a sexy, smart chick fighting the system in the '70s. Nope. Just one crazy bitch. In short, a southern belle beauty (yet she was Miss Wyoming) with an IQ of 168 falls for a Mormon. The Mormon goes on mission, she tracks him down in England, kidnaps + rapes him with the help of another guy, he turns her in when given some freedom, she is a British tabloid sensation, and then she escapes to America. The Brits never try to extradite her. Now reverse genders and tell me if a man with the help of a friend could kidnap and rape a woman, be released on bail, flee the country, and never go to jail? Thought so. The British press uncovers a ton of BDSM, sex work, pornographic photos and other salacious news that reveals how fucked up she was. The rest of the documentary is basically her rambling and slowly becoming crazier (agoraphobia).

Personally, I picked up autism vibes from her. Females with autism are rare, but she seemed to fit the bill. She was mentally off at the least. I also like how everyone danced around how she had men all over her, had a weird slave/master relationship with one man (she's the master) with other men paying for her to perform on them, yet she became obsessed with a young Mormon seven or so years her junior. Odd thing. In all her sex work, she never had intercourse with male clients. Odd thin. She always brought her dog, Millie, with her to sex jobs and photo shoots. The documentary moved from being about the kidnapping to just being about her. Completely unexpected. I could have listened to her talk to the camera for 10 hours. She was amazingly delusional. She seemed to believe every word that she said. She had bought her version of the truth so sincerely, that I was inensely engaged with listening to her bullshit tales. This is Masterprole Theater and Human Zoo TV combined for your pleasure. I highly recommend it with a couple of drinks.

Why is she a missing "Boogie Nights" character? It's the '70s. She's a former beauty queen supposedly with an IQ of 168 who does sex work, including freaky BDSM stuff. She gets involved in an international kidnapping case over her obsession with a tall, fat guy. She escapes to California. Becomes a recluse who loves her dog a bit too much, eventually having him cloned. Here's how she fits into Boogie Nights. She's Jack Horner's (Burt Reynolds) daughter from an old marriage that he got into after WW2. He had a child with a woman who performed in his old stag films. The girl was raised in material comfort, was hot, and had Jack's brains. She also was a complete mental case with a porno parent crew. She could have been written in as Jack's daughter who swooped in and out of his life at odd times with wild situations. I envision a scene where she seduces a young Dirk Diggler, ties him up for freaky stuff that he's too stupid to understand, and then she's stopped by Jack before she can perform on him. Like everyone else in Boogie Nights, no matter how clean or good things look on the outside, there's a shattered stain glass of a soul inside.

Caffeine Fueled Tangent: How the hell was there no Boogie Nights HBO series? Start the show in the mid '70s with the spread of Deep Throat and Marilyn Chambers going from a soap model to a porn star (WTF but true). Boogie Nights is really about a family. Jack Horner's hodgepodge, broken misfit family. A potential series tracks the spread and downfall of porn just like the movie did, but you can cover a year or two in a season. Season one can be the recruiting of Rollergirl (her finding her rollerskate schtick) and Dirk leaving his family for Jack's porn family. Add in Amber's custody issues, Reed's goofball routine, Buck + Becky w/'70s black liberation issues, Luis's night club + Jack's house for settings, Jack making mad money with the Colonel and sex and drugs (tasteful nudity) and you have a rocking first season. Season one is fun with hints of darkness just like the film. Progressively turn the show darker with departures both sad (many) and happy (few). Introduce new characters as the storylines evolve (Jessie, TODD PARKER!, Floyd Gandoli). I'd make one character just "the coke guy", then name him in season 3. Jack gets a real daughter based on Joyce McKinney. Sex sells, but producers need to think they can get an award with your drama.

Go ahead laugh, but you know this would be a hit. If Laura Prepon can show her tits (better late than never) and lez out on a Netflix series, we can get actresses looking for a breakout role to do it for Boogie Nights. There's plenty of material within the movie itself as well as the subject matter and time. The movie was 2 hours and 40 minutes long with multiple little side stories that were not teased out but made you think (why was the Colonel arrested?, Dirk's parents, Amber's kid + ex, Becky/Buck's relationship). New story arcs could be Rollergirl trying to go straight and live a normal life but falling back into porn, which happens all of the time. For the gays in Hollywood, you could even add in a hot gay guy, and show Jack film one gay flick for the better money it makes (Beer debate: was Jack gay?). I can see a dark, drug filled disco to afterparty to weird sex sequence between sliding down from peak fame Dirk + some chick in a flimsy deep V neck halter top set to ELO's "Last Train to London" (wait, college?). We're in a '90s/'70s nostalgia cycle (including fashion) with cultural malaise, economic woes, Middle East problems and tribalism back. There has also been enough time for separation from the original role interpretations. We live in a pornified world full of much more barbaric forms of pornography a Google search away. Give me creative control for a '70s series on the early days of porn. It'd beat the daylights out of Newsroom.

Fuck it, I'm turning this into an ebook series in the next few years.

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Hell yeah, I love caffeine too. My preferred method of intake is coffee. Strong and bitter coffee is heavenly nectar to my taste buds. I’m none too familiar with cranial physiology, but some network of neural pathways is definitely getting it good and hard when sipping that jaguar’s blood.

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Good luck with your book.