Sunday, August 04, 2013

Cheap Lunch Whether Poor, Paleo or Cooking Challenged

Simple, Cheap Salad

Handful of Spinach
1/3 cup grilled chicken
4 cut up/mashed up strawberries
2 Tablespoons of crushed walnuts/pecans
Feta, blue or goat cheese
Tablespoon of cut up red onion (optional)
Balsamic vinaigrette or oil + vinegar

Directions: Take one of your hands and grab some spinach. Put it in a bowl. Take 1/3 cup or an ice cream scoop worth of grilled chicken (if you bought fried chicken at Kroger with your EBT card, use that) and add to the bowl. With a knife, cut or mash up 4 strawberries. Add to bowl. Put pecans or walnuts into a ziploc bag and crush with anything heavy. Add 2 tablespoons to the bowl (save rest for next day's same salad). Add some of the cheese (your choice). Add tablespoon of chopped onions (similar to nuts, save rest for next salad). Add the balsamic vinaigrette or oil + vinegar. Mix in bowl with any utensil big enough to mix it (a big wooden spoon is good).

Goat Cheese
If you don't know what spinach is, just ask the grocer or supermarket worker for "spin-itch". Go to the dairy section and just buy the cheapest cheese of the feta, blue or goat variety. These might look scary or gross compared to neon orange slices, but soft cheeses are pretty tasty. An onion is round and might look dirty, and when you chop it, place a small bite of bread in your mouth to prevent tearing up or crying. Strawberries are red and have little dimples all over them with a green top that looks and feels like felt leaves. They are usually in plastic containers. Spinach will cost under $5 for a container that will last multiple salads, same for the strawberries ($5.99), cheese ($3-4), and the nuts can last quite a while. The salad probably costs $3 each.

I like to have a small soup with this salad, but that might be too complicated for the cooking challenged.

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peterike said...

But raw spinach isn't good for you. In fact, many vegetables should not be eaten raw.