Saturday, August 17, 2013

1960s Perfume Ad

"Finally spritzing that perfume nabbed Mr. Square Jaw. His suit is tailored! Swarthmore professors told me to get a job in the city and work, what a boatload of crap. I don't even have time to do my hair up anymore. I'm stuck buying food in these tight awful grocery stores. Those bastards at Sullivan + Cromwell treat me like shit, and the only associates talking to me are losers who couldn't nab an undergrad at Radcliffe, BU or Simmons when they were at Harvard Law. Did he just ask if I modeled with the Ford agency? Handsome, he has money, but I saw the ring before he saw me. That left hand is firmly shoved in his pocket. The new divorce laws mean if I play my cards right, he'll leave his wife for me. Hopefully he takes it off before we get to wherever he wants to eat. The Oak Room! Keep it together girl. Divorce or no divorce, it's attention and gifts from a wealthier man. I'm on the pill, but my roommate is a drag, so dinner at the Oak Room and sex a few floors up sounds fantastic. Thank you Tweed!"

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