Saturday, August 10, 2013

1950s Air Travel

"Isn't this swell honey? I am leaning back nearly at 45 degrees. Look at all the leg room! This flight to France is going to be a breeze. I can't imagine how great flying will be in 50 years. I just read the French word for shit "merde". Haha! That sounds so gross. Damn, the French sure know how to curse. I'm so glad I'm going back. I just hope we don't see any French 10 year olds with my eyes. Oh, the merde French dames would do for chocolate in '44. Did we pack enough smokes for this flight? I can't believe I wore a suit for a 7 hour ride. What was I thinking? Who is going to see me anyway? Wait, other people of my class whom I wish to impress and feel a part of as a contributor to society. You're giving me that look where you can't believe a guy like me can afford this. Haha, I know! I'm glad we rule the world. This will never end."


Portlander said...

Dude, did I bump into you on vacation last week? I was in Pensacola and swung by the National Naval Air Musuem. Talk about bitter sweet... so many beautiful aircraft spanning America's Golden Age, and look at us now... flying home last night, ugh. Our future had incredible potential and now it's all been pissed away. Sometimes I feel like yelling out to the crowd, "HELLO! Does anyone else notice the obvious here!?!"

(Aside from the bitter sweet aspect, I must say, the museum was _very_ impressive and no entry fee! Well worth the trip. We went twice, in fact.)

Son of Brock Landers said...

I wish I had been in Pensacola. I've been going thru microfilm of old NY Times from the '50s and '60s and saw this ad in black and white. Slayed me. Deregulation destroyed the airlines. A pilot once told me that it brought the bus mentality to the skies. The modern dump of today is something we can discuss in small groups but is never allowed in broad platform settings.

PRCD said...

The airlines are all consolidating under United and American. United's motto should be, "United Airlines: Jeff Smisek's foot stamping your face, forever." Woe to you if you get on a plane that belonged to Continental too. They have no economy plus and the crew are all really pissed about their benefits under United.

Airlines are human cattle cars now. In fact, deregulation has probably enabled more Turd World immigration as air travel has become cheaper. If I ever get on an international flight and am stuck in regular economy, I'm basically clausterphobic since my legs are going to be crushed by the person in front of me. I'm already too freaking diesel for my shoulders to fit within the confines of the tiny seats ;)

Son of Brock Landers said...

@PRCD - Don't disrespect Delta! My dad is a long time aerospace worker so he's seen the changes in the industry. I wrote a college paper on Southwest, and how they'd either rule the industry or they would bend the industry to their model. The consolidation has allowed for an oligopoly so that Southwest can scoop up the low cost market (JetBlue is a small challenger) while the few remaining big dogs take the rest.

I agree with you on dereg's knock on effect of immigration and allowing for new immigrants daisychain with their relatives. I think SC Justice Breyer was the architect behind dereg's legislation.

asdf said...

According to Wikipedia deregulation caused prices to fall 40% since 1978. I expected it to be more. Especially when you consider that technology is partly responsible for that fall, and that nearly everyone involved in the airlines is making less (employees, investors, etc) that doesn't seem like a huge gain. In fact it often costs more then that to upgrade to first class, which is basically the same as trying to fly like its the old regulated days.