Wednesday, July 31, 2013

What's Safe to Print

What's safe to say? What observations of reality are appropriate to mention in the public realm? Reviewing recent history (say Obama + black men), we can say that it is okay to point out the obvious or the traits of your tribe. Considering Jason Richwine's witch hunt (Sailer's article), which caused fat, four eyed pundits to link to his Harvard certified study and tweet racist!!!, it is not fair to comment on other tribes. Richwine was a guy on the wrong team making a statement because if you are on the right team and are in a position of power, you can say damn well what you please. Harry Reid saying the phrase "negro dialect". Satoshi Kanazawa was fired and made racist enemy number one for two weeks due to a study that had attractiveness ranks, and black women did not score well. The NY Times noted some genetic research in February on Asians that there was a marker for their specific hair thickness as well as the tendency for Asians to have smaller breasts. Richwine cannot mention tendency of Hispanic immigrants to have lower IQs, Kanazawa cannot cite poor scores for black female beauty, but the NY Times can point out the tendency of Asian girls to be flat. Tell me, what is safe to print? It looks as though he who holds the audience size sceptre decides.

Safe: "Another surprise was that the engineered mice had less breast tissue, meaning that EDAR could be the reason that East Asian women have generally smaller breasts" - NY Times

Horribly Racist: "No one knows whether Hispanics will ever reach IQ parity with whites, but the prediction that new Hispanic immigrants will have low-IQ children and grandchildren is difficult to argue against." - Richwine

One could argue that Hispanic immigrants and black women are members of the left's coalition of victims, therefore they are protected, but that's not quite it. Asians are part of that coalition, even if they are ignored at many turns due to group success. Richwine used test scores, and the NY Times just throws out small busted Asian women as if it's a known fact (any citations Times?). There's another element that strikes at the heart of the left's ruling elite. Brainpower. Richwine's observation was on IQ. Because we live in a supposed meritocracy, it's said that the elite earned their way up by virtue of being so smart that they got into the best colleges. They tell themselves that, stress it when polishing their privileged positions of power and there is some truth to it. What happens when IQ is shown to be mostly genetic and people know they start out two steps behind others? How will that make them feel about the Brahmins telling them to put the Big Gulp down, stop smoking, and other health-enviro mitzvahs? The delusional that a great teacher can coach anyone up is still alive and well, but what if you test at 105 and someone else tests at 80? Can a teacher close that gap? Never. Only the motivated may close the gap in wealth accumulation (proxy for health and happiness), but how much is motivation correlated with intelligence? If the truth got out, the left side of the curve, which outnumbers the elite by millions upon millions, would be angry.

Deep down, it just feels like Humpty Dumpty politics again, here if you're on the right team, you get more get out of jail free cards. Richwine was a witch hunt to smear opponents of immigration. To set out clear cut lines of what is safe would leave too much on the table to be used against the left's political points or restrict too much to be taken seriously by the great middle. The vague rules fits the left because they control the media. They declare what is sexist, homophobic, racist, offensive, and safe. Opponents always make the mistake. Their 'side' receives immunity, but gains the advantage of even broaching topics. Please institutional Left, keep shouting down scientists and research. Keep stifling discussions so that you can steer people into your party as that is what is polite and normal. It's not like the Chinese are racing ahead for maximum k-investment reproduction strategies.


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