Tuesday, July 09, 2013

What if Trayvon was Travis

We can play this game for anything regarding Trayvon "Innocent Angel" Martin's tragic death, but let's focus just on the simple murder shooting. Let me use some assumptions in the Twittersphere and online world in general.
1. Black guys be hard and all and don't take shit from bitch-ass, trick-ass, bitch-trick-mark ass or creepy ass crackas.
2. White guys don't fight, avoid fighting and when they do, they don't fight as well as black guys.
3. If Trayvon was white and Zimmerman was black, Zimmerman be arrested and convicted fo' sho'.
The unspoken fact is that if Trayvon was Travis, white kid walking in the rain to a friend's house after a trip to a 7-11, he'd be alive today. He'd be alive not because his skin was white, but because of the first two racial assumptions listed above from those Twitter idiots threatening riots. Travis the white boy wouldn't have double backed to confront that creepy ass cracka. He'd have hauled it to his destination scared. If confronted by the fat man Zimmerman, he'd have pulled the pussy white boy 'please don't hurt me, I don't want a fight' routine. He'd never have taken a swing at Zimmerman, and would have even asked for a ride home, acting all sheepish. Travis would've thanked Zimmerman, hustled inside to listen to a Daytona 500 recap and danced in a cornball fashion to country music. 
Am I right, tough-talking, twitter-using blacks? You can't have it both ways. No one can say this out loud or else they're shouted down as racists for even insinuating a difference in behavior that assigns negative value to the aggressive, black behavior, which you glamorize on social media every single day. I shouldn't be so hard on the swagga crew. It hasn't dawned on them yet that while jail or the morgue are possible Scarface futures, the most likely future is riding in the passenger seat of an old minivan next to a 200 lb black/white she-beast with their kid and another man's older kid yelling in the backseat while daddy's blank facial expression displays not cool indifference, but his inner death.

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