Friday, July 26, 2013

Vigilant Citizen, DSK + Eyes Wide Shut

Did you see Eyes Wide Shut? I saw it in the theater. My girlfriend in '99 called it Eyes Wide Smut (har har). Always liked Kubrick's visual presentation of the story's two nights, as well as Cruise's work. Check it out.

I read Vigilant Citizen's take on Eyes Wide Shut's sex parties being a peek into the elite's world. Squint your eyes at the Rothschild party photo. Think VC might be reading too much into it, maybe, but....

Recall that former IMF chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn admitted to participating in sex parties, orgies, etc. with plenty of other wealthy individuals all over the world. Blackmail potential through the roof.

DSK was well on his way to leading France but he made one mistake. In February of 2011, he called for a diminished role for the dollar as a reserve currency. He specifically mentioned the IMF replacing the dollar with SDRs, slowly ending the current dollar centric system through the choice of other trading nations. On May 14th 2011, a hotel maid accused him of forcing himself on her and destroyed his career. Shucks, what a coincidence. Everyone has a kink, and the powers that be knew DSK's.

How'd they get that anti-war candidate Obama guy to become such a hawk?

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