Tuesday, July 16, 2013

There Will Be No FEMA Camps

Please put the tin foil hat down. There will be no FEMA camps. It's not happening. I know they have ordered construction of large detention camp centers, but there will be no designated political prisoner camps. Our prisons most likely will swell in the coming years. Our governments are facing budgetary constraints now, and worse will come later, so they may have to move prisoners to these locations, but there will be no political prison camps. Read Solzhenitsyn's "Gulag Archipelago", they will throw you in with the regular prison sewage. Don't believe me, it's already happening.

A teen made a stupid remark on a social media site that very very obviously was meant in a sarcastic manner. The authorities saw to it to jail him and set a bail bond of $500,000. He's not a murderer, not a rapist, not a flight risk for a remark that will get probation and a slap on the wrist. This was the authorities using anarcho-tyranny. This 19 year old (is he a kid, wait, he's white, nope) young man was sent in with the regular prisoners and beaten up by them. Ever been to jail? I haven't. My one acquaintance who did told me his story how they challenged him to fights on day one. He fought back, beat up some but they kept coming. He then learned he did not earn a good behavior day, so he thought, OK I won't fight. Day two involved everyone who fought him day one beating the shit out of him. He was just in county for less than a year. Just like the social media sarcastic idiot, they will throw political prisoners in with the sharks as chum.

Solzhenitsyn wrote on this exact idea. He described the train rides where regular prisoners would terrorize the ones they knew were in for political reasons. The guards even worked with the regular prisoners to harass and beat the political unpersons. Let's take a gander at the current elite. You think they are going to think twice about throwing a mostly white political prisoner culture into the prisons, which have a disproportionate minority demographic mix that have been brainwashed to blame everything on whitey? That won't end well. This would work even better for the taskmasters as designated political prisoners leaving a jail would form a victim status group that would create sympathy and undermine the regime. After all, we live in a victim culture.

This is darker to think about, but it is how the weak machine operators of the state would act. A giant bureaucracy would keep them at arm's length from the political prisoners and being sent to live with common crooks would make it look less arbitrary and political. I spent a little while reviewing Uruguay today. It has made a few jumps up the expat destination nation list. I hope it doesn't come to that, but the desire for power is great in those leftoids. The commissars are volunteer thought and speech police today. It's only a matter of time before we put them on the government payroll and bankroll their Apple purchases.

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