Friday, July 26, 2013

The Victim Coalition Does Want to Destroy Western Civ

Much is made of the oddball coalition of victim groups that make up the left of Western nations. A perfect example of its weird composition is the socially conservative, highly religious Muslims of France voting with the socially liberal + atheist Frenchies for Hollande. There is a technocratic elite to guide them on the orders and in the pay of the wealthy who fund their campaigns, jobs and pet projects. The pitch though is the key, and why it works. Yes, as Sailer admits the glue is hating on straight white, Christian men, but SWCM are a symbol of the entire system. It is a corrupt system, holding you down. Rage against the system and destroy it with our help! Hate those who seem to succeed in the system and designed it, and deny any possibility that they succeed based on their behavior, actions and efforts. Vote for us, we'll fix it or at least give you a share of what we can commandeer! Some people were confused BY the Obama 2012 campaign using 'Revenge" as a pitch when he was the incumbent. It's revenge on the entire system. Sailer's coalition of the fringes of America, mainstream pundits say the McGovern coalition, or Firepower's Five Fingers of Liberalism (which has six, haha) identifies them perfectly, but doesn't ask why? The coalition is a group of the losers in the system of Western Civilization.

The New Left was a hodgepodge of agitators, but the heart they were all striking at was capitalistic Western Civ. It's just Marxism in mid-20th century packaging. The word victim is derived from the Latin word victis, which means vanquished. The voting coalition makes sense when looking at these groups as people vanquished by the capitalistic system of Western civ. These voting blocs lean left heavily, but not entirely.

1. The very poor
2. Single moms
3. Minorities
4. Academics + government workers
5. Ugly single women
6. Muslim immigrants (where appropriate)

The poor and minorities (employability + cognitive capabilities) are losers in the capitalist game. Single moms are losers in the social and financial security game. Academics and government workers harbor jealousy and envy of the positive status associated with the well paid private sector that they now out-earn due to pensions and benefits. The left cannot come out and say that the entire system of capitalism should be replaced by strong, redistributive socialism. That message is a loser, and they have to win executive branch elections. It does come out when they meet together at conferences or write in academic journals. It was broadcast loudly in the late '60s and '70s to devastating effects for the leadership and donors of the left. The same "Port Huron" message found its way out of the mouths and minds of Occupy protesters.

It's the same, worn out message, because it resonates with the losers in society. The massive redistribution never gets put into place despite electoral wins, and you'd think they'd figure out why their big money, elite donors never implement those plans. Too much thinky, gimme more bennies. Red pill guys joke about how ugly the lefty women are or how beta the lefty men look, which is a bit of hyperbole, but it is the same thing. Yes, weak, manboob men do tend to be leftist. These people are losers in the sexual marketplace in a society that really values beauty and strength. Men want beautiful women and women want masculine, strong men. The media propaganda system is a way of tilting the field or destroying former standards of good and beautiful. They can't admit that they hate normal beauty standards as that would be too harsh and influence marginal support so they pick an anorexic model or maybe call blonde hair and blue eyes boring nonstop. That model or look is the symbol for the natural sexual marketplace. Likewise, it is safer to hate on SWCM as a proxy for the system because to mention overthrowing the capitalist system would frighten too many people and scare off too many voters who like to vote 'left' because it is the polite thing to do and gets them brownie points in their social circle. Yes, the coalition of victims is a patchwork, oddball group, but it is quite easy to keep them coming to the voting booth when they all hate the same thing.


Anonymous said...

What will happen when the muslims in Europe can elect their own leaders, adn first world countries (with nuclear weapons) are sharia law countries. Cripes, 2040 will be a warzone, between the kleptocracy of Estados Unidos de America and the Caliphates of Islamic Europa

Son of Brock Landers said...

I love this comment. I have an in-law from France that jokes with me about the Mexican and Muslim issues in our respective nations. He'll cackle with laughter at this.

PRCD said...

I guess we'll all be popping popcorn and watching near the Canadian border.