Friday, July 19, 2013

The Gabors Were the Original Kardashians

The Gabors
The Gabor sisters were three ethnic chicks who were white. Two were attractive (Zsa Zsa + Eva), while one was the tall, less attractive sister (Magda). They had a mom who pushed her daughters into the glitz and Hollywood game, handling them firmly in the early stages. The Gabors didn't really have talent, but they did work the comedic angle and were on many night time talk shows. They were known for the men they married and associated with at posh locations. They introduced America to the muddled European accent; that is when you know someone is from Europe but you can't place the nation of origin since their accent sounds like one of 10 countries. Two of them held up very well, aging into attractive middle aged women. They stayed involved with Hollywood for decades.

Young Zsa Zsa
Kris Jenner studied the Gabor playbook. She's trying to follow that path with her three daughters Kim, Kourtney and Wookie. Kris Jenner was the one pimping out her daughter's sex tape. That is one hell of a sacrifice at the altar of the gods of fame and Hollywood fortune. The two younger ones will be pushed out under a different brand name (Jenner) and with a different spin. Hollywood and our media system is so demented that we have situations like this. There is always an end demand though, as someone is always watching, so really, we have demented consumers with vapid, empty lives. One problem for the matriarch of the massive Kardashian-Jenner brood is that the American public is far more ADD now. A misstep here or there, and people won't give a shit. Ask Paris Hilton.

Two Cuties + a Wookie

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