Saturday, July 27, 2013

Review: "Detropia"

- It's jobs man, jobs. If the jobs were back, it'd all be fixed.
- Fucking corporations. Like they moved our jobs. They are the bad guys.
- If they want us to relocate and downsize in the city, that sounds like segregation (forget that Detroit is 85% black). Downsizing needs to turn into supersizing.
- God will judge what you politicians have done to Detroit. God may not be as merciful.
- There's an emerging hipster, douchebag artist crowd. It's amazing to buy cheap lofts and get in on the ground floor. Come on, do it SWPL. It's like the Village in the '60s.
- The fires get set by guys who then masturbate.
- The auto bailout saved 1 million jobs.
- "Capitalism exploits the weak. It always does."
- Riots happened once in 1967. Self contained event... nothing to see here, move along.
- This is going to spread and happen everywhere.

This documentary is wonderful propaganda for the people who want to look at Detroit and blame everything on corporate greed. Detroit is especially precious to liberals because the people that would populate any documentary about the city will be nearly 100% black. It should have been called "Detropia: Angels Live in My Town". Good people are defined as the citizens of Detroit (helpless pawns), white artists, politicians in the city and their consultants trying to come up with solutions and old people who never left. There are no bad people who live in the city. Crime, illiteracy, family decay and social dysfunction do not exist in Detroit. Everyone and every corporation that left abandoned that poor city. This documentary rivals some Rwanda and Sudan docs for its level of white guilt.

This film was released January 21, 2012 and funded in part by the Ford Foundation. I guess the "Halftime in America" Detroit is rebounding so support GM and Obama advertisement during the Super Bowl two weeks later on February 5th was an expensive lie.



William Wilberfang said...

Heh. Everyone seems to have their own pet theory: unions, corrupt politicians, white flight, overzealous eminent domain. I'll stick with Occam's Razor.

Anonymous said...

To see Detropia free online, go here:

Don't say I never did nuthin for ya.