Monday, July 22, 2013

Reginald Denny + George Zimmerman

Amazing how far away 20 years can feel sometimes. As this Trayvon Tragedy wrapped up, the Attack on Reginald Denny trial was roughly 20 years in the rearview mirror. Please review the trial section on the attack. A multi-racial jury returned with a hung jury result (multiculturalism woohoo). Shucks, no one was convicted for the gruesome crime. One assailant did get a conviction for mayhem, and the stiffest sentence, which allowed him to be released in under 4 years. The questions are: do you think this happens today, do you think Zimmerman sits in jail for his actions if he had done them in '92 and how different is America?

As a young teen, the fact that this jury returned with a hung outcome shocked me. It was on camera. They had witnesses. How did that happen? By the time OJ's trial started up, I was expecting the black jury to not convict him no matter what. That verdict startled my classmates, but not me. What shocked me then was the split reaction. That black/white split was the start of white Americans realizing that the calm surface after the riots of the '60s/'70s was an inch deep. Much has happened in America in 20 years, and none of it is good. The authorities could not properly hold law and order and tried buying off peace with any figurehead leader (Sharpton the laughing stock is now on MSNBC???). There have been no riots anywhere despite overzealous police actions since the LA Riots. Listen to that video feed, they mention the cops pulled back because they were outnumbered. In anarcho-tyranny fashion, we've militarized our cops so that will never happen again, which creates a threat to the potential rioters. Reginald Denny's story doesn't happen today because the rioters would last 5 minutes. If he was still attacked, the city would also give them plea bargain deals and not take it to a jury. They wouldn't risk the loss, as they'd plea it down and get 5-15 years for a variety of charges and tell Denny, "You lived, and here's a payout from the city".

Twenty years ago, Zimmerman's ass is in jail for at least 15. The same mechanisms were in place then (without the internet) for this to bubble up to the national media. Think the National Review or Wall St. Journal would have saved him? No. The alternative right or internet right did not exist. We'd all would have seen the media's images and swallowed it whole. Anti-gun attitudes were different then compared to today. Check out this Pew poll that compares results back to '93. Mentally, white guilt was on full blast in '92. Why the fuck do you think no whites fussed about the Denny thing for any length of time? Even if Zimmerman would have made it through the criminal trial, the entire court of public opinion would have clamored for something.

It is not happening now. Even Lion thinks Obama was setting his crew up for no further action. Fred Reed is right, and things will only get worse if our current system and elite stay in place. I echo Vox on why there were no riots: many blacks live next to Hispanics and have been getting destroyed the last 15 years (plus diabetes, obesity and internet porn). This all is not good. When the financial system is changed due to external forces or enough internal players securing capital to have power in the next system, this will all come to a head. I doubt whites will watch on a television screen and feel bad for the poor youths oppressed by the system as they record a riot with their Iphones. Too much has changed. First and foremost is their purchases of firearms and having more firsthand experience with blacks who do not behave like the Huxtables. We are a long way from Reginald Denny's ordeal both in years and in sentiment. This will not end well.

*Note: Hispanics tracked along whites in a post-Zimmerman trial poll.

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