Saturday, July 13, 2013

Per Yahoo, Russians are OK to Stereotype

Sad to see the media push the Russian billionaires are dirty cheats stereotype. Anyone going to raise awareness at the stereotyping and profiling of Russian billionaire Mikhail Prokhorov? No, no outrage. The article on Yahoo Sports discusses how other GMs are upset and believe shenanigans are going on behind the scenes to get Andrei Kirilenko to sign for a low low contract. Because aging vets have never taken a paycut to win a title? Because Prokhorov said he wanted to win soon, we shouldn't expect him to push the limits on selling players on joining the team? Because a Russian billionaire who happens to make smart investments seemingly at every move has to be dirty? The constant insinuations that Prokhorov is dirty have been in place since he attempted to buy the Nets. The story that sticks out for me is that he bought jeans, then researched how to make them 'stone wash', made his jeans stone wash and sold them for a huge profit while sharing a shitty apartment with his sister. This is a nice lesson in who is OK to bash, and what stereotypes are OK to push.

The NBA ownership and GM community is pretty interesting for the consistent financial problems, haggling at CBA negotiations and other financial oddities. It also doesn't help that the commissioner is a slimeball constantly cutting odd deals with different owners. Thankfully, ESPN/ABC semi-owns the league, so they get cover for their problems and sympathetic portrayals of their broke athletes. I wonder if any cultural issues could be at play. Indirectly related, here's a stereotype that would get you fired as a sports reporter job for mentioning: jews lacking athleticism. A jewish stand up comic can say it or a slapstick comedy movie can throw in one joke about it, but never in a serious, reporter observation setting. I checked a virtual library. There are more current NBA owners who are Jewish than jews who have ever played the sport professionally. I'm sure their wealth and current dealings are all completely legit and virtuous. I won't see a sports writer ever apply any Jewish stereotypes to any free agency moves in the NBA. Who would even print it?

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PRCD said...

Sergey Brin is a Russian. Are they stereotyping him? Of course not b/c he's a Jew.