Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Once Again, Weiner has a Sham Marriage

Weiner busted again for more sexting while he and his wife claimed things were going well and he had refocused his life on their family. Here is my theory on why he got into trouble and his whole sham family, especially the marriage. It is all for show so that the common man will vote for the 'family man' for an executive position. Why does an attractive woman stick around with a guy who does this shit and is out of power? She ain't sleeping with him. The cathedral's main organ, the NY Times, urges him to drop out of the mayoral race. It'd be interesting to see what Huma does if Weiner does drop out of the race.

Pardon the cartoon bubbles by the idiots, but I loved this photo for Hildawg's look. She looks comfortable. She looks like she's enjoying the moment.

Check Hildawg's sly smile


Monroe Ficus said...

Look at her Wiki pic. She can't even get her own picture without Hildawag taking like 60% of the frame. It's like seeing a picture of a big shot being dragged by a chain by his dominatrix.

Big Bill said...

She is a Saudi Arabian Muslim, for goodness sake!

She was raised in a culture and religion that lets men marry four women if they want.

Further, if she is a Shia, it is moral for him to have temporary marriages that last a few minutes to a few hours and automatically expire.

All the woman has to say is "I marry you for XX dollars for YY hours [days, months, whatever]" it is a legal temporary marriage. No registration required. No divorce necessary.

And if you get to marry several wives, it must be Muslim-moral to romance several women at a time, right?

So why are we supposed to see this as a "betrayal"? He didn't violate US law. He didn't violate Muslim morality. Yet she has been "betrayed"?

This happens all the time in WEstern Muslim communities. Everybody knows the guy has several wives. Everybody respects that. And only one (1) of ht marriages is officially registered. The rest of the wives get free housing and welfare as "unwed mothers" who were "betrayed" or "abandoned" by their baby-daddies. Yet there is no betrayal or abandonment. The guys is the head of the three or four wife family, each wife has her own home, and he travels around staying one night here, one night there, collecting the welfare payments and screwing the women.

If you persist in seeing this in Western Christian terms you will not even be aware of these scams.

Huma has no problem with it. She is a devout Muslim. She knows her husband can have up to four wives.

She just has to pretend to be upset and "working through our family issues" for the [Christian] cameras.

Ving Almes said...

LOL, someone replaced the photo, they must've read my comment!